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The statement rates quote. Consequently fee is engaging with various industry players including developers investors and analysts to build a long term view of the gaming e sports interactive entertainment sector in quote fee says these discussions will help provide a quote range of suitable parties with specialists capabilities to actively shape the best possible experiences. It offerings in quote for consumers and fans blah blah blah blah blah blah for. Ea sports recently spotted trademark. Filing suggested could be reading reading ditch to be readying ditch. The fief of moniker in favor of ea sport c for its football games. The publisher has also confirmed. It'll be renewing its contract with pro which would enable it to be continue using thousands of player names and likenesses and quote alongside various official leagues in order to help it quote. Deliver the greatest blah blah blah. Okay so what do we have here. We have here failure to wanna share mine. That's what we have here. Grand park with rock paper shotgun reports on the gte the trilogy system requirements and you can go to daily game new show in the show notes for this bad boy so if you wanna go and check these articles out yourself and make sure i'm not just a fucking liar and making all this shit up check it out yourself. Just fuck check it out gain wait. What show is this deal. Gave new show dot com rockstar. Finally announced their long rumored grand theft auto remastered a little over a week ago official confirmation that they were on the way hasn't stopped the leeks however a user of gte forums semen seemingly leaked a damore detailed description the games and their system requirements rockstar has thus far only officially said that terribly named grand theft. Auto the trilogy. The definitive edition exist and that it would bring graphical improvements and modern gameplay enhancements user allocators on gte forums have has been posting seemingly legitimate about the game for a while and yesterday posted a more detailed description of the re masters quote in. This is from allocators. a. l. o. C. eight the number eight e. r. r. Gta forms three kinds of cities three epic stories. Play the genera- jin. Oh my god the genera- play the genre defining classics their original grand theft auto trilogy grand theft auto three grand theft auto vice city and grand theft auto san andreas updated for a new generation. Now with across the board enhancements including brilliant new lighting environmental upgrades high resolution textures increased draw distances grand theft auto five style controls and targeting a much more bringing these beloved worlds to a life with all new levels of detail in quote. What this sounds like to me. Honestly this Me speaking is this. Sounds like an opportunity for more online gaming. Not just grand theft auto five but grand theft auto three grand theft auto vice city in grand theft auto san. Andreas being introduced to the online world. That's just the thought. The post also contains information of supposed discount deal for folks who by the game via rockstars own game launcher. The above paragraph contains more details. About what graphical improvements might mean and if true is more or less what i expect it it's interesting that rockstar would refer to three. Iconic cities given that sanitary along contains three cities though i suppose two of them are so iconic shortly thereafter the same user posted these system requirements Looks like minimum requirements would be an intel core. I five twenty seven hundred k. Amd fx sixty. Three hundred in video g. force gts seven sixty two Two gigabyte or amd are nine to eighty three gigabytes at least eight gigs of ram forty five gigabytes of storage space and windows ten but the recommend it requirements would be an intel core. I seven sixty six hundred k. Andy reisen Five twenty six hundred invidia g. force. Gt x nine seventy four gigabytes or amd radian rx five seventy four gigabytes sixteen gigabytes of system ram forty five gigabytes of storage space and windows. Ten as worth noting that the i five twenty. Seven hundred k and the i seven six hundred sixty six hundred k. r. cps which don't exist the i seven twenty seven hundred k and the i five sixty six hundred k. Do however so as possibly just a typo. That said these leaks aren't confirmed so take them with a grain of salt. Thank you graham. Smith from rock paper shotgun is not how you play the game by the way. It's not rock paper shotgun. Why would they even say that. Stephanie nunnelee with bg twenty. Four seven reports minecraft is coming in game pass in a bundle that includes both the java in bed rock edition. When i read this story i had to go. What's the bedrock edition in. My wife is like google it. I was like archie. The expert aren't you. Aren't you the expert. Aren't you supposed to tell me this right away. Minecraft is coming to game pass for november second in bundle form. The game is available through gain pass for xbox already and has been for a while but this is the first time it's been made available on the service for p. c. Those called the minecraft pc bundle and includes about the java and bedrock editions of the game cross play will also be able enabled on windows ten windows eleven and consoles and you can switch between the different editions from the unified minecraft launcher. The news was announced today during mind. Con live minecraft. It was initially released in two thousand nine and as of may good lord and as a may twenty twenty over two hundred million copies of the game have been sold as of last year. It was estimated there around one hundred and twenty six million people playing the game each month. It is a for sure for sure fucking classic. I love it. I haven't played it in a while though one of those things that gets old pretty fucking quick but it's a classic it's the classic all right. I preemptive i apologize. I can't pronounce your name zach. Obviously easy zach. This is wins swince swinson with the ca taco reports. Epic game store will welcome an f. T. games after steam bands them. Tim sweeney once said. Nfc's were tangled up with an intractable mix of scams but now now while it's different now epic games and its ceo. Tim sweeney are opened. A lighting games that use blockchain technology and nf nfc's into its pc store even as nfc's continue to be criticized for being a giant planet burning scam filled with drifters. This follows vows decision to remove and ban all games that you utilize. Nf and blockchain technology. It also follows earlier statements from episode ceo. Which said epic wouldn't touch. Nfc due to scams epic games told the verge that although there might be some limitations it is open to working with deb's who want to use blockchain technology nf nfc's and cryptocurrencies in games. That would appear on the publisher's digital storefront epoch ceo. Tim sweeney tweeted a statement following the verges publication of a story about his company's interest and allowing nfc tack on its storefront stating that quote epic. Game store will.

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