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Bad outing this weekend for your San Antonio football, cloudy, your San Antonio football club insider, would Dan Weiss coming up before eight thirty. Check in with Bill Zimper. Find out about the president's trip to Japan. Sean Hannity's morning minute before nine o'clock news director, Jim foresight, commentary. But first, traffic and weather. While you're looking pretty clear right now, except for your usual morning congestion, and then some construction if you're on one fifty one westbound at loop, sixteen o four roadwork. They're just causing some minor delays as you pass through the area any problems. We missed you can call a traffic tip line. Two hundred seventy five to six zero one I'm Zach Babb, NewsRadio twelve hundred w away I. Rowdy morning, sunny afternoons look for temperatures around ninety ninety one degrees. Maybe a little bit warmer today tomorrow and Thursday. When we get to the weekend, sunshine and ninety five. We bring in news director, Jim forci for his second of two morning commentaries every day, seven cannon eight ten and now that I've been reminded that the day is Tuesday and not Monday. It was last night, that the Texas legislature shut down twenty nine hundred session was gaveled into a German last night by House Speaker Dennis bond, and it was a calm session. Not a whole lot of hot button issues, but they were busy. They got a lot done. Let's real quickly. Now run down.

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