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Wanna say, well, YouTube is messy. It's got all these great people. They're not in love with it. We actually had Casey nice dot on this podcast earlier this year, and he spent most of the time talking to each and twitch. Yeah. And so you have this feeling here's much people there on YouTube. They love you to have this relationship with YouTube. They don't actually have a very personal relationship with the company. They don't seem very handled by. You know, there's not like an army of sort of like suit guys being like they great. Great. You know. Thank you know they don't have like a personal connection to this company. It's just a platform that they run that is kind of mysterious. So it always shows like, well, they'll just all gonna leave, but there's is there somewhere to go down, doesn't even exist. The number one thing to creators to talk about is why they hate YouTube does so well, all those videos do so incredibly well yet. I think that's the thing, right? My favorite person talked about this. Another godfather of YouTube is full to Franco into Franco. We'll talk about this over and over again and he'll say, there is nowhere else to go like as much as we hate YouTube. No one else has figured out advertising, like you said, right? Google so much of it. No one else has figured out the audience is which is huge. No one else has figured out how to actually directly pay creators in the way that is sustainable, which is another big deal. The thing that we, I'm beginning to see more of, and I think it says more about our political climate over the last two years. But especially over the last four years, if you consider gamer gate turning point for a lot of stuff. Is you'll see block chain type video sites opening up. So like bit shoot will run and bit. You basically saying, hey, come to us. We don't do censorship. We don't all this kind of very keyword stuff freedom. And so you'll see a lot of people on YouTube kind of tell their audience to go there and watch their videos there, and then they can use like digital wallets to pay for stuff, but they're still uploading videos on YouTube because they're still getting most of their hundreds of thousands millions of us from you to in that still works out to be a decent amount of money depending on your CPM with YouTube, depending on who you are, you've got really, really, really great and you can live off at sense, independent type of topics you cover. You've got to expand someone. We felt different guy who talks about war in the Middle East gets democratized every single day because advertisers get to choose what they want to put their ads on and sensitive content includes news a lot of the time. So people talk about news often get dinged by democratization issues, which is upsetting. So he he's got like nine other ventures that he has. He's got rogue Rocco, which is this company and he's working on making sure that he has his income coming in from different places because he can't rely on YouTube and he arguably one of the biggest creators in the platform. But then you've got someone like a David dope brick who every time he makes video. There's two or three million views of the a couple of hours in a day I should say, and he's doing pretty well on just add sense and like sponsorships through seatgeek. Let's it seems like all these trainers are actually running a business of their own. Yeah, the relies on YouTube managing an advertising business over there that they have no visibility into. And that to me is a guy who like built a media business here, and I don't even have visibility. Like I, I'm, I think we have a good CEO like trust that guy, and I think we have a decent sales team like your great. You just you just stay over there? No bother us like, but I would never say you should. You should build a business where another giant. Company can literally just turn off your body whenever they want. And so I think everybody figured that out kind of intuitively and so they're doing branded content. They're doing these weird merch deals. It's interesting because sometimes that blows up, right..

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