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It's doesn't work we really held up funny aspects of selves as being important in the industry. And I think you know, the burst competitions that a lot of good. And they also did a lot of damage in the same way. Right. Like, we really like the right thing to do as a burst of the thing. That will make you a famous versa is to talk endlessly about the providence of your product. And how Kathleen have made it to these people that is that is the best of all craft onstage. That's what we said. Right. Let you should be a little data fact sheet Rita, and then and then tell them how you made that coffee and really really tell them how it's going to taste like really get into an just give them all the details. Right. I always Brits competition was fun. That was a game basically coffee making right? But it wasn't about. It wasn't about finding the best of our industry and holding it up a left, we turned winners into masses, and that I think mostly worked, but but we also held up a really weird aspect to burst culture and said, this is it this is this is how to talk about coffee, right? And that then we people do it and cafes. And people were like, this is really not what I'm here for my this is I just would like coffee to go. Now, probably never come back. List? Let's people are weird. Okay. I just don't care even for me. And I can process these terms, you know, I know exactly what people are saying. I don't care. I want someone to give me coffee if I think the copies interesting enough or if I'm intrigued enough by it. I'll go back and ask like, hey, what was that? Right. Let's talk about this. And then I can engage on my terms and not just be pummeled by these things, which I don't understand briefs competitions. Are there the law? That's a whole different. It's a whole weird thing. It's a whole it's a whole weird thing. And I mean, I think I stopped engaging in them because they stopped representing the things that I hold did. I held like the most dear about the coffee industry, or what could what does it mean to be a coffee professional? What does it mean to be an amazing barista, and I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I wasn't feeling like that. This is the model that we need like visit isn't the person that we need to put up on the pedestal which is interesting because I benefited a lot from that for show in the past and I- knowledge that and I had a great deal of fun doing it. Like, it was it was read like you. You don't go that far in those things just doing it casually? It's a lot of work. So just like man, I don't think I can I don't think I can do it anymore. But then the challenge is to to create that to like, what is something that people can look forward to that they can build the next part of their journey. The on then X aspect of their career. And I think now I'm just talking about myself. But that's for me. What makes things like YouTube? So interesting that make the podcast so interesting because you can engage in other things that aren't just like, let me tell you about nine thousand hundred meters above sea level, right? This is you know, screen dried Yellowbird, bone, whatever. Right. And I'm wondering for you. If there's. The guy said you've been writing for coffee for so long now making videos for so long. What what keeps you going like, what motivates you to continually do more? Who? I think I like a number of us half a sickness like is entirely healthy the to kind of I like making stuff that's one part of it. Like, I like I like making things I'm satisfied by making things with the digital physical. Sometimes. Yeah. I I think creative work is very important. And it's it's the most satisfying where he can do credit book. I think for me. Anyway, that's true. And that's definitely a part of it. I really enjoy. Enjoying gauging the community because an a good community information flows both ways, right? And so there's a part of my brain that just wants more Mo-mo all feed me feed me feed me and an having community that your direct with that definitely happens..

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