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At Yankee Stadium I'm Susan Waldman along with Aaron Boone and and last night ceases about you tried to sound a little helpful but you know that knee and he had said he's always said that he operates on a pain level of eight and one to ten and yesterday was ten had he been pitching on that for a while he said he felt it really bad when he hit in in Dodger Stadium but how long has that been going on he felt a little bit at Dodger Stadium came through a pretty well and threw the ball well obviously and and actually in between bounced back pretty well but after is bull pen you know I was a little bit on alert last night and and I could tell you know even though he masks it pretty well I could tell he was in pain and even after the third inning where yeah clean inning against the top of their order yeah I just got a new and and just on that was it and he understood and you know hopefully now you know it's similar pretty much exactly what he always deals with so SO her get the knee drained he's got some fluid on their get a cortisone shot and then hopefully that's something that in the short term will will not get out and he can get back in pitch force watches that take to go out and pitch with that kind of pain if he says it's ten on a scale of one to ten what is that take time and time again if it's been there for a couple years C. sees a stern man he's you know he's the ultimate competitor and you know he knows that if you can go out there and and you know can keep keep in it someone under control he knows and rightfully so that he can still go out there and get out so you know obviously it's becoming more and more of an issue you know you understand why at the end of the year he knows it's time but hopefully you know we can you know get it okay for one more final run and and help us through a wi hopes of fun couple months okay that that being said yesterday's game the Oakland a scene and shows you the importance of a starting pitcher can't tell me Kennelly's entitled to have one bad starting in one bad outing but when you look at this Oakland team if you miss pitches they're going to really take advantage of it the same way the Yankees take advantage when they have mediocre pitching yeah they're good you know top of their order you know actually which we lease kept for someone check last night till Simeon hit that home run you know was Simeon Chapman and goals and that's pretty dynamic one two three and then they got some guys in the middle it can hurt she can't is having a really good year form so you know they they creates a match up problems you know they've they've got a good bullpen they've got some stars that have really stepped up form so and it's a team player with a ton of confidence so eat we know we gotta go performer for going to be the account thank you you bet that was the manager show brought to you by black bear deli meats in Frank's the official deli mean Frank of the Yankees radio network black bear only at shoprite we'll be back with more of the Nissan Yankees pregame.

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