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Up seventeen at a record twenty seven twelve first closed above twenty seven hundred odd sixtenths of bumper set the dow rally ninety seven to twenty four thousand nine hundred twenty one up four tenths of one percent nasdaq up fifty eight that was a gain of eighttenths of 1 percent now as for us markets and the tax plan jeffrey cleveland as chief economist at paid and regal he was our guest right here on bloomberg markets i think people are meeting overestimating how much they really prompting prompted their overestimating do how much impact tadic by will have on the overall growth we still think two and a half to three percent growth is reasonable and i help think that will cause an overheating if you will of the if you at the comment the ten year old five thirtyseconds the yield two point four five percent goal down twotenths of one percent to thirteen fifteen the ounce west texas intermediate crude up two point three percent to sixty one seventy eight a barrel natural gas lower by two percent intel confirming a report saying it's chips contained a feature that makes them vulnerable to hacking though it says other companies semiconductors are also susceptible intel today down by three point four percent so again recapping records on wall street with the s p up seventeen to twenty seven thirteen up sixtenths of 1 percent the dow up ninetyeight up four tenths of one percent nasdaq up fifty eight up eighttenths of 1 percent i'm charlie pellett and that's a bloomberg business flash overall more through very remote bailey london lead mood like hey you had never seen anyone that that fast people who love you've gotta purposes of the twelve new was in shakers the cost a little more name gregory.

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