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Your stop the show right now. You can go. That's outrageous, if you know that that's, that's crazy. That's crazy. My dad handed me down his CFL cards, and for some reason, Bill Simon's, I didn't even know 'til you said, if it was Bill Simmons or Bill Simmons played for the art, a fullback and I had literally eleven doubles of him. I had so many of his card, and there was number thirty three and I hit it with Bill Simmons right on. I will see I will see your Bill Simon, Steve, and I'm going to raise you. I'm going to raise you Chuck ily loved him. Withdraw trial Argonauts. Go all day on this Steve. If you want. Wait Chuckie Lee was Hamilton, tiger cats. Chuck ily Steve, I think, played some time with the Argonauts, I think I think I can't can check you have to check that because I think Joe Zueger was probably the quarterback. And of course, was it one of every everyone's favourite named bullet cough. I think was maybe a Montreal guy. He's a longtime NFL guy, but he was part of that. Montreal. Alouette s- surge of NFL talent Nelson scall- brought in Guiseley David Overstreet over streets. There was also the quarterback Vince Ferragamo. Yup. Yup. And comes no middle linebacker for the Alawites all this NFL talent that he brought in because he had money to burn and part of those early Edmonton Oilers stays as well. I remember on all those names, and of course, who was the who is the big fair gamble came from the Rams to play Montreal. But I think just before him was big tall guy quarterback who was who was a was the long's long time quarterback in the Alouette s-, Joe Barnes, seventy not Joe.

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