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James winston of tampa bay buccaneers who let me put this in a way where i can't get in trouble most people in florida state university thought he raped a woman and got away with it because florida state university covered out covered up for him because he was the freaking quarterback jameis winston grabbed a woman's crotch sexual assaults in my book tom brady was given a four game suspension for the fleeting the football or having something to do with it jameis winston was given a three game suspension ladies what does the nfl telling you that they don't give a crap about women well that's what i think they're telling you you don't matter to us how do you give three game suspension to somebody that arguably raped somebody in college and was covered up by the university and then there's a little repetition of it and by the way jameis winston is now apologizing after saying they swear he didn't do it and they made up the story that other people were in the car and they vouch for him and they lied to and he only gets a three game suspension and i asked the question what the hell is a matter with the commissioner of the nfl roger goodell are you sick in the mind.

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