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Morning about a deadly shooting on Tuesday in the haida valley area of fairfax county. Police say 21 year old demari Norris of Alexandria was found with gunshot wounds near the Mount Vernon square apartments. He later died at a hospital 22 year old Francisco Juarez also from Alexandria has been charged in his death, whereas was held down by a good Samaritan until police arrived, two guns were recovered at the scene, whereas is currently being held without bond and investigators are still working to determine what led up to the shooting. Well, visitors to New York City's iconic Times Square come to know what is a gun free zone. That's what a new state gun law that goes into effect today is hoping to achieve Times Square is one of the many places that will display gun free signs, along with parks, churches, and theaters, the new rules are in response to a June Supreme Court decision that expanded gun rights in the state. Gun rights are also expanding in California after lawmakers failed by one vote to replace limits on carrying concealed weapons. Those limits were struck down by the same Supreme Court ruling that prompted changes in New York, California is one of 6 states scrambling to amend their existing gun laws to coincide with the latest judgment. The navy is facing a growing scandal with its seals, candidate program, a 24 year old former college football star, died during the portion of the selection process known as hell week. CBS News correspondent David Martin spoke with his grieving mother. Kyle Mullins, his mother Regina talked to him on the phone and knew something was terribly wrong. You could barely breathe, and I was yelling at him. I asked him, are you in a hospital, you were paying you a broken bones? No ma don't worry. I love you. She texted him. I need to know your condition. You did not sound good. He died hours later laying on the barrel floor. The cause of death was pneumonia, which his mother says

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