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Samson Servant who claimed to have information concerning the missing confederate half dollars. I couldn't promise him anything without first knowing more about the part he had played if any in the theft of the car. I did promise to think over his offer and let him know if I was interested by the next afternoon. Anyway at eight that evening I join Mr Samson Kopech for dinner in the large. After. We finished our coffee, Sampson roles and excused. When you're ready. To do much. You in the morning. Have you prove clue? No other thing. Extra bad which you haven't given up. Kopech, I haven't started While which you can't for something else if not I'm fine been. Shall We? Yeah sure helped. Tell me something Opaque Cheney thing I can what about the servants who are in the House the night of the Settlement Deger and Mary. What do you know about? Everything that they're used to know, I have a file containing to record on everyone of Mr Sampson's employees. If you'd like, I should have the information on these two. Cynthia rooms I'd appreciate it now if you will excuse me Mr Samson is waiting ended then. You can find your way back to the guest. House. Sure goodnight goodnight. Delilah. Don't come on. Johnny you had to ride. Sure on it's been a long time since I've had a chance to and I didn't bring any writing close. Me Dave of the fall break. You will. What do you? I went back to talk about half an hour later, Kopech delivered the files on Mary Williams and digger. Everything's bigger had told me was true. He had spent fifteen years in prison on a manslaughter charge. So early, the next morning I cross the Green Lawns Zora met Delilah at the staples. humanise later, we were riding horses away from the main house. Blassie we ride Johnny he wanted to cook on and on what's it clue? The Take Fund Day? Would you rather go down to deliver A funny thing. I've never seen a river. Along our age. Finally. When we reached the river we dismiss. And she just stood there for a long woman walking down under the water. Industry. Percents in hanging. In the our food. The Food I. Hadn't you noticed. And if another one of his positions with all the rats new privileges. By, Sampson married me. Because my parents named me Delilah. Four hundred you'll even Need money a lot of? And I thought I was going to get some. Now. But now. Maybe, our getting overtime. Winner. We wrote on back had breakfast and returned role for the guest cottage. Around eleven o'clock picked up the phone and Colbert Magog. Johnny time you call you know what you find out burden enough to know that I'm in trouble and you gotta get me out of trouble. What kind of trouble that confederate half dollars do you know what? It's worth? Five thousand? But you ensure for twenty I know it but look Johnny it wasn't all my fault I mean. We'll hold its fans to know about the DI died but dies a man named Scott made five hundred of those half dollars from back in eighteen seventy nine that would lower the price of the original half dollar. You mean, there are five hundred. Dollars in existence instead of four, five, hundred and four. The four original ones made an eighteen sixty. One of the rest were made later. Well Look Zaira. Twenty Grand Burt. Don't say I'm less unless you're willing to let me try something down here. Johnny boy anything even if it costs five grand that'll happen on the. Twenty thousand for something. Worth. Only five Johnny please go ED. Thanks. Call you later? The original yours truly johnny dollar was just about like every detective show on radio at the time Charles Russell Edmond, O'Brien John Lenoir good actors. But it took Bob Bailey along with scripts by Jack Johnstone who really did a very.

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