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A portion of four ten east west highway westbound beyond Taylor roads who were kenworth Abbott they should be getting the lanes open tow trucks were about to pull away Dave dildine WTO pay traffic Let's go to storm team four and Mike stenner Scattered thunderstorms across the region this day after an especially mid to late afternoon thanks to an approaching cold front These thunderstorms could be severe we'll have to watch out for some very heavy rainfall our highest upper 80s to lower 90s showers and stores will continue the city little and by around midnight overnight becoming cooler and less muggy almost mid 50s to mid 60s Turning mostly sunny breezy cooler and less baggy on Friday highs low 80s Sunny and pleasant over the weekend with low humidity high Saturday and Sunday upper 70s to low 80s I'm storm team fours Mike's Jennifer All right Dave was talking about those storms Let's tell you where they are Right now the worst of it is around westfall's church just coming up on Bailey's crossroads and as far south as annandale That is moving to the east Also coming on the other side of the beltway we've got some thunderstorms around seat pleasant stretching over toward landover also moving east so if you're out on that part of the beltway watch out this will be affecting you Elsewhere it looks like we do have some rain in parts of southern and arundel county and to the west we have storms and loudoun county east west central loudoun county and then all the way over toward barryville We'll be watching these storms for you all day Obviously And I should give you a temperature 88° in pan quarter Top stories.

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