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Justin Berry of the Austin Police Association. Call again on Mark and Melinda. Gracious. I mean, it really is just cold, too, is to send out a memo and say, By the way, we're going to exclude you guys who have been part of the front line of this the whole entire time. Here are the numbers 51283605 90 they said it's up to $1000 per person is Yeah, the bones could be up to $1000. I don't know how they're determining that, but yeah, up to 1000 10 50 to Pat has a comment about the situation with the school's high packed good morning. Welcome. In the morning. Yes, Pat your back. Melinda. You thank you. Originally I was gonna tell your screener who was pretty tough, but I want to talk about the school situation. But you've mentioned so many other things. You know, City of Austin. That's par for the course I guess. Why are they handing out at $1000? All the homeless people? Maybe that will happen way putting those ideas out there and President Trump. You know Melinda, right? What? What else could he have done? He was getting impeached in January, and he still had the foresight to stop travel from China. Took a lot of flak for it. In the Chinese. You know, they go to Europe, and they come from Europe into New York. In that kind of band died down a little bit. He stopped travel from here. It was too late for New York, apparently and Pat together Task force. I mean, I don't know what else everybody complains, But there's no suggestions about what he could have been differently that Evert You know in the kids, just like he does recorded a couple weeks ago. Other countries do not have any problems. You know, kids think it's somebody said Polidori and ran Baltin grade school Children about one in a 1,000,000 of getting it. Yeah. No, thank you, Pat. Yeah, it's extremely low Pick pick any country. They just don't get it, and if they do get infected, it's very mild and they rarely, if ever infect adults. You are around them, whether it's parents or teachers. Thank you, Pat. You have a good day. J 10 54. Welcome to Cable. B J. Good morning. How you doing? Morning, guys. I wish they would give you more time on that ride home, boy. I'd love to hear you guys get that entire slide. But at any rate, I just gotta say here. I think that what they're doing to the police here is really a kick. To the groin while they're down, and they're just They're rubbing it in, man. I mean, I don't see how you could be an officer in this in this You know, city and not really feel hurt today, rightfully so that the actions of the City Council and the actions of the city manager What do you What do you think They also left out Fire and E. M s and E. M s of all people. I mean, we're talking mainly about the police, but E. M s What is their job it is to handle medical emergencies. Yeah. I mean, I think that it's a really serious disconnect with the reality of what people are are experiencing. I think it's a really serious kind of blinders on their eyes about what's going on. They've been fed an agenda. By a lot of people that are activists out there and they are acting upon that agenda. And if you live in Austin, good luck. I feel bad for it. I think it's conservatives. We got to take these opportunities. I hope I can see a lot of officers moving out of, you know the kind of roles there and now into more private security. There's good paying private security for commissioned. Yeah, J got you. We're out of time. Have a good one. But we do have two hours in that drive time that we do Come back. Jay was mentioning. Yes, And we will have Maura on this story and all of the big news right after Rush Limbaugh 2 to 4. Mark and Melinda..

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