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Only about three deleted first warning fourteen six the brewers fall to the read the tough night at the yard this is brewers extremes here on WTMJ map poly creek Sean with you if you want to be with us for one four seven nine nine one six twenty four one four seven nine nine one six twenty is the accurate mortgage talking tax line fact Mike in Menomonee falls has given us call him Mike thanks for calling your on WTMJ big big like call the other player I mean here the direct election of the manager and it's about time to Craig Counsell third taking okay my can I stop you for a second anytime somebody does the X. player thing what what what level did you get to right I got that okay the result I don't have a manager is a direct reflection of the team team rallies often managers and to a great council is demonstrated no compassion no absolutely Riverton city having okay let the fair in all these games he blows because he refuses to play small ball throughout the year is out catcher in the but he has lost all the bottom Peter Keane in all of them there of all of baseball the last month and a half our record is just deplorable against the screens here very virtually zero ability to score runs once the long run and as a result of that he was going nowhere fast now you can increase its complicated things the fact is once the money give throughout this season already that you can't get back in it's a long season but thank you we have to doesn't matter as long as he's the manager fifty thank you they were the last one hundred and hundred and three yes no degree of urgency here in west complacency in failure the acceptable he rather guy walked back to the dugout striking out with the battle the shoulder the Buffy the guy for second base hello scored nobody out the maps reason why we lose and the fact so I hold on all my the reason they lose is because they don't want guys over to second when there's nobody out National League the National League small ball you when he realized quickly on a home run to score you can tell me a team tell me a team to play small ball that's really successful look at all look if you have a winning nobody has more home runs in the growth opportunity nobody more home runs the birds are separate two feet and there's a lot of the thought that have a much better scoring record them the bird because the it do you feel tired yeah Corey all right court all half that you cannot back of her car Floridian waiting for god will face to face and hitting a home run off well how often run how are you we he was completely proficient in part to the left of the fall we could not but well we don't hit the high notes the all suite four Auburn and everything Mike I I I'm I'm a let you go here to suck about one throw this at you top five teams in baseball in terms of putting down sacrifices Cleveland the white Sox I don't know I don't trust Mister Shawn Shawn problem we're not doing that most are yelling at me you wanna start screaming at me you want to do that the our don't ever call the show again all right you're done is Matt show who is that well first of all he he's a passionate baseball fan so you get you got to give him that yeah these peace of mind it probably went a little too far but I let him talk three minutes and then I tried to respond to something and he starts yelling at me the point I was going to make top five teams of Major League Baseball and sacrifices Cleveland the white Sox Baltimore Kansas city taxes already those teams worth a darn no no Boston's label it is kind of kind of Boston's the next one after that I like you don't win by putting down sacrifices well you know there's a lot of old school people that that followed the follow this team and and follow you know Major League Baseball right now and and I have no problem with with people wanting to see some more of that I've got no problem with that I I totally get it will always work is it guaranteed to work of course not nothing's guaranteed to work in this game no matter what your philosophy is and you know they've they've assembled a power hitting team that's what they've assembled and so their number one goal like it or not is to to hit for power and are they capable of doing other things of course we've seen that it doesn't mean they always lose games because of that too I mean tonight's one of these nights where they're they're down for nothing all the sudden an inning or two later they're down nine nothing and you know come backs that way are obviously tough to do but tonight didn't line up that way and and this is the problem with some of the these types of games they're easy for I think they're easier for players in in teams to blow off and and go on to the next day and said alright you know once in a while that's going to happen I think it's harder for fans to accept and and I think we saw class example rates and there's a time and place of bonding yeah factors there there isn't and you know it it is done by this team yeah there's times where I think K. maybe it's time to put down a bond and they don't I that's going through my mind before but not to the extent that a lot of people want it done right yeah that's right and and you know they're used to seeing it done you know it yet other levels too and at this level it it's not done nearly as much as it used to be there's no question about that how about now four one four seven nine nine one six twenty four one four seven nine nine one six twenty that's the accurate mortgage talk and tax line this is brewers extremes on WTMJ so.

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