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The website but what the heck it's only a dollar try it out if you don't love it you can cancel just go to classic radio club dot com right Lisa right nine we are going to take all yes something the Rangers read write head sure okay so this is really exciting because the actors from Chicago PD Chicago fire and Chicago mad have once again joined forces to help out a local nonprofit it's called Patrick lives on and on Saturday September seventh at the chop house which is at twenty thirty three North Avenue the actors are going to participate in a special photo opportunity for VIP guests followed by performing a variety show all of the proceeds are going to go to helping local kids in the suburbs and Chicago land area participate in after school activities keeping them safe and away from gang violence so visit W. W. W. dot Patrick lives on dot org and you can register to win to V. I. P. ticket sounds great terrific event are when we come back from the news it's part two of our for parts of the day the earth stood still on the locks radio theater but it is a Levin thirty time for news here's Vic von thank you Carl we have some more information about a shooting at officers cook county prosecutors have charged a man from Waukegan with firing a gun at Chicago police officers twenty six year old Danny Martinez is due in court Monday morning he was arrested around three thirty this morning on the west side he's accused of firing several shots from inside a car near eighteenth and Costner that's the Lawndale neighborhood no one was injured Italians watching this guy on a night famous for shooting stars ended up running from hot falling metal pieces from an airplane we have new details now they fell from a Norwegian air flight that fell on cars and homes Friday near the Rome Fiumicino airport and no one was hurt but Italians out on that annual night of the shooting stars there in Italy essay they noticed burning pieces of metal falling causing damage again the several dozen homes and cars authorities say the Boeing seven eighty seven plane had just taken off from Los Angeles when it declared an emergency for Los Angeles rather declared an emergency headed back to the Rome airport and were hoping for more information on Monday we do know a telling authorities are still investigating we'll check sports traffic and weather next on WGN.

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