Governor Phil Murphy, Manhattan, Attorney General William Barr discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


To your world. Wear the voice of New York. 7 10, w O R and I heart radio station 66 degrees Glad these guys two o'clock Good morning. I'm Steve Green Field. Candidates are officially vying for the position of Manhattan borough president, and it will be the first online forum. The candidates will get a chance to debate. Whoever wins. The 2021 election will be feeling gale Brewer shoes. She's leaving the post because of term limits. The one challenge each candidate faces is how they're going to help the borough of Manhattan handle the fallout from the Corona virus pandemic. Meanwhile, camps are looking for two suspects after they robbed a woman who asked one of them to please put on a mask. 28 year old victim was attacked by a man and a woman inside the Union Street subway station at about 7 30 Tuesday night. Police say the victim was hit in the head and sprayed in the face with an unknown liquid than one of the suspects through her phone onto the ground. Victim was taken to the hospital for pain and bruising, but is all right. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, noting a very grim milestone in that little say Allah Vase has now been missing. For one full year, James Flipping. This more was at a park in Bridgeton and Cumberland County. Little Dulce et was playing with her younger brother while her mom was just steps away in a parked minivan. It was the last time Don't say he's been seen. Governor Murphy says Authorities will never stop looking for her The one year anniversary since the disappearance of that blessed gal five year old Dulcie Alvarez. Anyone who knows anything is asked to call the FBI or state police detectives, New Jersey State police At that number. 609 88 to 2000 extension 2554 James Flippen W O R New Storm Sally's losing strength and has been downgraded to a tropical depression, but it's still dumping a lot of rain over Alabama through Friday. Some parts of that state of Georgia could see up to a foot of rain total. Sally was a Category two hurricane when it made landfall in Wednesday morning, Attorney General William Barr has taken aim and career prosecutors from his own Justice Department. And he did this last night, with whom he described as improperly.

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