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Used to select these selections in the order i don't understand how they could possibly rig it so you think it's rig those please explain to me why think that and how they do it all right now i never said i thought it was rigged i got what i am going to quote the great lebron james you want to talk about zach lowe whose my man's numbed at lives in new york whom i've known for you i'm a quote lebrun emma salmon i'll give a damn about no dams zach lowe matter of fact kevin durant said that about drake to a few years ago right whenever took me i'll give a damn about no damn drake night you member on drake night yeah yeah i don't give a damn about none of that i don't care what nobody wants to say i don't care nothing about no lottery machines about no pingpong balls about the number one or the number thirty six i don't care about none of that stuff what i wanna know alex is when you look at the teams that have warmed the draft lottery gray is some fishy stuff going on here man first of all let's go back to two thousand eight all right chicago polls floundering bad franchise things ain't going well for them derek rose just so happens to be coming out savior the bulls somehow magp if a cently win the draft lottery would just a one point seven percent chance of doing it kind of fishy to me mankind officie the team with the worst record seldom wings the draft lottery doesn't normally happy yet somehow in two thousand three with the cleveland cavaliers floundering attain that people wanted to see retracted eu member ricky davis you remember the ricky davis days i knew i remember that remember how bad that was remembered the door wide wagner days think about your argument though so team they're naming are all hey man it was it's just it's interesting stuff okay somehow magically the cavaliers when they need them the most get hometown kid in lebron james somehow after the league comes into ownership of the new orleans pelicans were the hornets at one time who are not to be confused with the hornets in charlotte.

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