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Brian had suspected his wife of cheating for the past two years but for the past ten days. He'd been convinced all of the long hours at work. The late night facebook sessions and then the text from co workers in biting her out after looking through her computer. Brian thought he knew everything he was ready to fight to keep his wife. Not that this was new. They fought often. He'd screamed at her. Hit her but nothing helped. She wasn't the girl he fell in love with and he increasingly feared she'd never be that girl again but Brian couldn't understand was that Haley felt the same way. Two years of unemployment had Brian Spiralling into depression. And alcoholism he wasn't the boy she'd fallen in love with or the breadwinner who provided for their family in the years since after thirteen years together Brian and Hayley constantly fought for their former. Tonight was more of the same as their voices escalated. The fighting woke two of their sons Jordan and Qian. The boys listened from the top of the stairs. When she'd had enough of the same circling argument Haley gave op. She was going to bed. She layered on three sets of clothing and snuggled into two sleeping bags. It was cold in Wales colder now that she was sleeping on the couch. Haley tried to set lynn knowing. She was one day closer to leaving her abusive husband..

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