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In terms of the state gubernatorial races and they say okay here's the guy that's running here's the guy that srun of this guy's got a ton of dough he's a republican the alec stewart let's give a little supportive tweet rather than now i really like with this guy's about because if you really like with this guy's about you're not paying attention at all the only serious conservative the make america great again conservative in michigan in the race his patrick gaubert so anyway 3s them mentioning that is this this bright here donald trump's dhs nominee ignores his immigration principles and the make america great again agenda uh we talked about her yesterday but i want to i want to go deeper into the president donald trump's pending homeland security chief field to tout his pro american immigration principles do during her hearing by before congress now yesterday remember we told you about the uh the border patrol guys that are a hooked up with ice that in philadelphia and this is just one example of a thousand things that that they didn't get deepen to but uh in in philadelphia they were told to go into the crappy us neighborhood in the city because they were gonna go bust samir legal aliens and throw the rasul's out of the country they were told when they went in they could not wear bulletproof vets vests they couldn't wear body armor because if they did they be too intimidating it'll freaked the people out the neighborhood that's insanity and they were told at park city utah that uh if they're gonna wanna bust illegal alien zachary ms thirteen guys they owe you you can't go in there without giving the community seven days advance warning huh what is a burning fifa rules you think all that it'd be gone right now swept off the table but listen to this president donald trump's pending homeland security chief failed to tout is pro american immigration principles during a hearing before congress summit in a christian nielsen her a passionless testimony and russ answers during her confirmation hearing before the senate homeland security governmental affairs committee instead focused on bureaucratic issues cyber security concerns and daytoday management of border security uh i wonder if anybody in congress.

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