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Receive any advertised product. He must become a member of Penn Fed and sure, Brian Seaway. New Jersey 11.5 Instant Whether it's not just the cold. It is the combination of cold and wind that's real made today. Pretty uncomfortable. I'm happy to say the wind will calm down considerably tonight. Although thermometers will dip pretty low again. We're not setting records here. But this is 10 to 15 degrees below normal even for late January. Night's lows in the teens with clear skies tomorrow sunny and dry, still a chill in the air with highs in the lower thirties. Now on Sunday, light snow slowly arrives from the Southwest. That's ahead of a storm system that will be even more impactful with snow and rain and wind and coastal flooding. On Monday from the Edison heating and cooling weather desk. I'm chief meteorologist Dan zero. Neptune 27, Pompton Plains, 23 Hamilton, 27 fast traffic and instant whether every 15 minutes on New Jersey one a 1.5 3 23 100, Jersey one on 1.5 Friday with Kaminski and Doyle trying to make Jeff left for 20 bucks, if within its so cold joke. Oh, yeah, Yes. Go ahead. Let me just give you one more. I wrote You can read these awful things on NJ 115 calm in the Dominican Doyle stage, So I'm not even saying minor. Funny. Okay, I made all New Jersey style. It's so cold jokes. It's so cold in New Jersey, Phil Murphy chipped his tooth on soup. Then in parentheses. But it's Phil Murphy's teeth so no one noticed. I mean, like I selected Spadea. Come on out. No. It's so cold. I saw one dog trying to jump start another one. But they're not battery operated Bill. They're trying to jump start him, right? What does that mean? Eyes, you know? Need a battery to jump start. What are they doing? Doing it. Are they just like dude? Just humping each other? Yeah. Feed you like the sex ones. You like that one. Yeah, I think it's got to be within my species. All right. I know I'm very particular. I'm sorry. Robin home, Del. You're on New Jersey One of 1.5. So it's so called New Jersey Murphy started brining the roads. Simply very did he hurt you? Yeah, he actually is, which almost makes it not.

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