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This is the bitcoin our i'm your host joe blackburn and i'm so proud and so excited to have on ten pace that he's going to be joining us shortly split kind of a good week for everybody nobody for the last seven days now that we've seen this bob and hold into the eleven thousands and we're going to talk a little bit about that today baby if i can get him to agree <hes> but nevertheless let's go ahead and get started. I'll go ahead and introduce tim. Tim wants you say hello. Hey what's going on everybody. It's good to be here glad to have you on him. Tim you've kind of gotten a little bit of notoriety recently. Oh you were <hes>. The subject of a part of the conversation between me and jeff flake is from c._i. And <hes> you know obviously what you've been doing. This kind of taken hold hasn't it. Yeah it really has joel <hes> very very encouraged by the following have and you know by the progress. I've made and people are learning right along with me and it's a good thing tim. I kind of feel like your journey. Your are your experience over. The last three months is one that is like how how people get big right. I was thinking about this yesterday and we talked on the phone yesterday and <hes> and when we when when you first started this and when i as sort of watching you it's like do they could make a movie out of this guy. One navy turns out to be like the next genius. You know it's interesting stuff while i appreciate that joe immune to live coming from you but no doubt brother okay tim. Why don't we start before we even get into like the whole story. Let's just start with. What do you do right now like right now. You are a moderator on c. c. T. and let's kinda start about from the beginning like how did you. How did that happen for you from your perspective started posting c._c. T the my main goal was was to not hinder anyone like whenever i saw new person posting i went out on my way to help them in <hes> you know i think that started my journey. Crypto crypto was my desire to help people and it's also transferred into the trading but time progress y'all were looking for new mod- and you called me one day a and i was i didn't even volunteer for the job. I didn't think i had a chance but whenever you call me. I was very her memory and you know i was. I appreciate associated to call. It meant a lot so <hes> whenever i became a lot i took it serious and i figured i better create some good content and show him. I mean business <music> now tim. I remember very clearly like most people don't even know this. They won't remember it but <hes> maybe a few of you will but i'd made a post that we were actually looking for another moderator. You're in crypto coin trader and i had aren't we actually were looking for too. I think and your use specifically he was one of the people i knew for fact wanted like would want the position right and then i looked everywhere i didn't get like from you. I didn't get a comment. I didn't get anything. I was like way else. Talkative barlow's like been. Tim didn't because we knew him. It already talked about you. Tim didn't even acknowledge the post. Maybe he doesn't wanna do that. Kind of stuff you know and i was like i don't know i'm i'm still gonna talk to him. I at least gotta give them a chance to say no to me. I mean i'll at least do do that and so i called you. I was like i think what i said to you initially was tim. Why didn't you even like respond to back to the post of you're interested in a reason why i saw a few people that really respected and i think they were really joking but one of them volunteered to be ahmad so i stepped back because i was like well. I really respect her so but she would joking joking. So i mean you had told me that over the phone so it was one of those things where i kinda backed off because i have a lot of respect for the vets in this community and in but it worked out for the best. You know i mean i didn't want to. I don't know why i didn't comment. I should have commented. I really did want to be the mo b ahmad well it. It worked out great for both of us. I think and we'll we'll take that into the next subject and you know tim. I'm going to kind of process a little bit so just give me a second is that i i really want everybody to listen to tim story tonight and and really take it seriously like tim did not join c. as a traitor he didn't even join as has a moderator as a true trader he was just somebody who enjoyed crypto was very active probably thought he no. He knew a little bit but he was very very. I'm sure that he didn't know a lot of it and i think it's fair to say how to yeah for sure joe. That's perfect wakes. Put it fortunately i've got a chance to know you pretty well over the last year or so but <hes> but it took several months for for although tim you jump right in you became a great moderator and very active and very involved in and very thorough and the expectations -tations that we have for moderators <hes> and you know. I don't think outside of just some some pointers. Maybe some feedback. I don't think we've ever had any disagreements or even moderately like harsh conversations. We know it's been a great journey joe it. I enjoyed every minute of it me too. <hes> i absolutely agree with that statement but something happened about three three and a half three months ago somewhere between there where tim come just took the reins himself and said i'm gonna learn a trade. He was tired and i'm. I don't want to speak for ten too much. Everybody was tired of just not knowing what to do and we'll get that from his own words. I know the story very well. <hes> so obviously tim. I don't mean to tell your story for you especially while you're on the call but <hes> but nevertheless tim tim went out of his way to publicly <hes> explain to everybody that he didn't know what he was doing and that he wanted to learn a trade and thus began the hashtag w._t. Not f i d k which means what the do i know right right. That's right. That's right you know the. I started and i wanted to make sure everybody knew i. I didn't really know what i was doing. So that's why i started adding that to my post. Nobody really cared at the beginning. I mean actually started trying to post charts long before three three months probably about six months ago but it took months before i actually started even getting a understanding of what to do you know that was my that was my goal was us to post a chart and get ridiculed for it and learn from that ridicule and if it were to you know <hes> i think the community really took hold once they started learning and they saw me learning and they were like oh we've seen this guy go from absolutely horrible to somewhat decent. You know and i have a lot of people thanks for that but it's been a very intriguing journey absolutely tim well. I'll i'll i'll say this about you to tim is that your persistence to learn has has been unmatched. As far as i'm concerned you know <hes> i. It's not easy for people folks listening. It's not easy for people to put themselves out there in the crypto space <hes> the moment you say something or the moment you say you don't know something. Oftentimes you know you're held accountable to that like forever and <hes>. Tim took a quite different approach which i would even say one of the most unique po post <hes> that i remember that you've written kind of overview. The entire thing that we're talking about right now tim but that post to me was was very endearing and very impressive for many different reasons but essentially said this again. This isn't word for word but it was that you know my name and i don't know what the hell i'm doing and i'm gonna learn to trade and i wanna i do and i want you guys to learn with me. You know i don't remember the specifics. I just remember that was the context and that's what you meant and i loved it to him and you didn't. You didn't even get it approved by me or anything you you just said. I'm doing this and i was immediately. Attached immediately wanted to follow you myself and thought. How awesome is this journey going to be tim. What was the inspiration behind this. I know we kind of touched base on a little a bit but let's let's specifically talk about. What made you eventually say this. You know i was talking to some people one day on facebook just having a regular chat and they we started talking about trading a bit and it was like a in the comment section of a crypto page and <hes> you know they started using terms like m._a. Moving average and i didn't know what m._a. Was and i was really embarrassed to even ask them so you know it was just a it was time for me to learn some of the basics of t._a. Okay so. I didn't look like such a fool when i was talking to people because i've been in industry awhile and people have seen me progress but just haven't taken the time to learn that side of it so whenever i decided i'm going to learn this and i'm going to learn at least the basics and just went from there. You know i said you know this is actually more interesting than i thought it would be so just started posting charts and getting feedback and the feedback really helped me grow from c._t._o. The members of the c. c. t. a. lot because all of their different styles has molded me into the trader. I am today for sure town. I think that was a great way to explain it to and <hes> and i'll say this to the audience is that what most people forget about ten is that tim has not had any. There was never a point when tim's like. I'm gonna do this for fame. You don't know you don't realize the humbleness. This guy possesses and i've had to like convince him at times. You know that he deserves serves. The attention i think even right now like your your charts temp for even though you're just learning and based off of all the things that you've gone through the last has three and half months and obviously the progression has been fantastic but you're nowhere near great trader yet. You yourself admitted you know you're getting better. You know i know you feel comfortable with where you're at and you can kind of go into detail on that in a second but i know for a fact that you don't ever have never thought that you're ready like think you even think that even remotely yet. I think you know you can go and do things but you're still missing a whole bunch and i say that to the audience for this reason is that i've had to convince him that. This is a story. We're telling i've had to convince him that he's he's doing something. That's that's really special and the results have showed set or have showed that because who's the number one bitcoin author. I now trading view heisenberg b._t._c. e oh really you're the number one.

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