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Hello there and welcome to classics for kids. Of course, I don't have to tell you that holiday is coming up and by we've been listening to spooky music about trolls all month. Today we have some more appropriate music for Halloween, some marches, some dancers, and some very bumpy ride. That Greek. He certainly knew I think or two about roles. That is griggs march of the trolls from his lyrics read. But on Halloween, it's not only roles who march marionettes to two, even dead ones. Some people may know that as the opening to a television show, but way before Alfred Hitchcock and his show were born French composer Charles Gould wrote these funeral march of a marionette. Is marching to the RiRi for you? Well, how about dancing? It may still sound like marching, but that is the ancient chant DS ire. Day of rat from the mass for the dead composer Franz Liszt uses that tune to let the dancing begin in the top and tans. Dance of the dead. If you prefer to dance to wear violin, French composer coming in saints has the devil tuna pan play. They don't smell. Tired from all that dancing? One to take a load of your feet and go for a ride instead. That can be a rain. Some ride. Those are the kids, mythical women on horseback from an opera by Richard Wagner. Speaking of operas, if you were thinking, we were going to celebrate Halloween without any beaches. Again..

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