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Counting hup for carrying down. Okay number one bugs the fly because I don't know where they're gonna go very unpredictable and I don't like bugs to be on me number two heights. It does that thing where your legs can't really move and you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach fears like that number three. The music plays in trailers for scary movies number four the content of scary movies number behind a murderer from a scary movie coming to my house to murder me number six. It's seven the movie seven. That should have been number. Seven seven is one of those movies. Where like I watched that a sleepover and to be cool? I just like didn't cover my eyes. Everybody else went to bed and I just laid there. My Eyes Open Number seven vulnerability. Uh I am a stand up comic for living so uh specials called rape jokes and it's about my experience as a survivor of sexual assault. So that actually is a very very vulnerable. Our I don't mean that I'm not vulnerable on stage the age I think I am vulnerable on stage. I mean more that it is a controlled environment. I am the person that gets to talk. No one else gets to talk. I am the person that is is in charge of the conversation and That's the story that like not all my friends or family new. You know it's easier for me to tell it on stage so you you know. I think my art could actually be a little less vulnerable to be honest and my human life could be a little more vulnerable number number. Eight failure chievements is such a good way of scaling existence. I exist exist because I did all these things so I have value. I don't know that I am connected to a feeling of inherent worth you raise really Catholic and so you have like your worth is based in how good you are like how you know how close to God or whatever but then I don't give a shit about that anymore so That goes away. I think I need to work on Like feeling comfortable In my own skin and with my own attractiveness because like if you're queer person especially on the butch spectrum mm-hmm or like if we had better words masculine of center You know get a ton of positive feedback about your looks except from like a very small percentage of population who gives you a lot of feedback. It looks very confusing so I think working on some self confidence probably be a good idea number nine Something terrible happening to me. Because I'm a woman a number ten something terrible happening to me because I'm acquire I'm cameras potato and these are ten things that scare me Cameras Zito is a Los Angeles based stand up comic actor and writer when she was starting out. Cameron did a stint and as a ringmaster for El Surco cheapo cabaret out of Chicago. The ten things team includes Amy Pearl. Daniel Matt Odell Reuben. Sarah Sam Vac Emily Boutin and Polish Shuman music and sound design by Isaac Jones scares me. Are they gonNA stop making beach umbrellas. Because I have not heard those up apply. I don't even have one single. Spare what are you scared of. Tell us at ten things. PODCASTS DOT Org..

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