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Really okay. No absolutely and just wrapped up like you'll be advised that you would give people out there. What's the one thing that you would say. People need to start stop when it comes to content marketing for first thing they need to start is a more consistent. Internal inventory or auditing process. They need to start trying to understand where they have. Strengths and weaknesses and where they have You know gaps in authority. They need to stop trying to the search engines with their content. Anything they've got this low quality that punches above its weight it might as well have a ticking time bomb top of it stopped trying to trick trick stuff Anything you do. This just feels yucky. Stop i mean 'cause it just it just is not gonna stay up forever. You may get away with it for a while And those are kind of that second part is going to be really hard Especially if you're in an organization where somebody's like we've gone away with this for this loan. Why would we make like harder on ourselves. And it's like his life's gonna end up being made harder for you. Even if you're the best in the game it's gonna end up being heart made harborview And go look at a publisher that's had a tumultuous history and you even believe is amazing. Go watch you know row washed away. Imagine if you had to go through one of those waves at your own what would happen. Put yourself in the shoes of having just taken a- of a sixty percent traffic haircut on your site and what you do get the get yourself. That's the case you make. I really think that we're you know. Were paper lions right here. We are on top of of of cracks foundation You might have to be this change instigator internally especially if you're in a big org That we've rested on laurels of page for too long. This page get sixty percent of our traffic..

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