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Eh? Once again. Show the radio adventures of Dr Floyd brought to you by the floor dot com. As remember their fans, we are retracing shucking events that lead up to doctor Steve zapping. Dr Floyd was some sort of mysterious device in our last episode. Dr Floyd had surprised Dr Steven injured by making them inmates of Alcatraz prison in June of nineteen sixty two. We now catch up with dastardly duo in the dining hall about a week after the beginning of their incarceration. Unbelievable. Fidget here. We are more than a week later and was still stuck as prisoners on L Cottrell. If only we could find some way to escape sell it back to ship. We'd be free. I know you can slip through the boss figured there'd be no way for me to get out. And you wouldn't leave me on Alcatraz on alone, which you wait. Who would you? Yeah. And this get out of jail free card that I've had in my pocket for years. Just useless the gods. Just laugh when I show it to them. If only I could get a meeting with the warden he recognizes and free immediately. But he won't take any M. I request to meet excuse me. I couldn't help it over here. You what makes you think that if you met with the warden he'd let you go free because we don't belong in here. We didn't do anything wrong. Yeah. You and every other guy here. Same old story. No, it's true. We were wrongfully incarcerated by arch nemesis. We'll I'll tell you this. If I was in the Senate, someone lock me away on the rock. I devote my entire life to taking care of him for good. Oh, believe me. If I get out of here. I will really how crank column in the late hours of the evening short sheet bed. I'll take shaving cream and New York serious. What do you mean? Of course, I'm serious. I know how to short sheet Abed believe me I spent a summer at camp. Look, I'm saying if you get outta here. You take care of him for good for good. Oh, you mean like for good for good? Exactly. And I suppose if I did take care of Dr Floyd for good. I'd be free to carry out my dastardly plans without his innocence by yes, I do believe you're right. If I get out take care of Dr Lloyd for good for good. Thank you. So very much Mr Morris. Frank Morris is the name. Well, thank you, Mr Morris. Now going to do is get out of my cell, and I can get down to the business of taking care of Dr Lloyd, I think you mean, you need to get out of your cell and then off the island, and then you can take care of Dr Floyd. Right. Oh, no, all I have to do is get outta myself. I have a ship hidden on the island. What are you serious? Totally all I need to do is get outta my cell it onto the grounds. Listen, pow, I've got some news for you. You see me and a few other guys are busting outta here. Tomorrow night. Really? Yes. We've already tunnel their way out of ourselves and having a scape. Route to the grounds. The you having a ship sounds much better than what we had planned for crossing the bay. When did you have bland, we've built a raft out of old ring coats? I see and how are you? So sure that your scape plan is going to work. First of all, I have an I q of one thirty three. That's in the top two percent. Secondly, I've made a plan because if you want to get something done, right? You need to have a good plan. A careful plan that goes over every detail, and that's what I've done. All right. Mr morris. You've got yourself a deal you get us out of our sale, and we'll give you a ride anywhere you'd like to go. Excellent. Here's the deal. Be ready to go by tomorrow night after nine thirty bed. Check until then steer clear of the air, vent and yourself why? Because me and my boys will be doing a little digging. That tonight, listen, you're going to need to do a few other things to get ready. You'll need to make as Frank Morris plans, his great escape what? Dr Steven vigilant. Let's catch up with Dr Floyd who we find back in present day subtle river city relaxing by the pool on the grounds of his institute of technology. Sunscreen there Dr grant, hey, go, Dr Floyd sure, who's been a relaxing week without Jason Dr Steve all throughout China, isn't it. Yeah. Although I still think it was pretty underhanded the way you lock them Anelka trash like that. Steve is Genesis but unruly he's mostly homeless. And you track them in the park on contrast with real criminals missions, both you, and I know that if doctors was free he'd be no doubt trying to steal some historical artifact for personal gains. Now that he's locked away. He can't do that. And we're free to continue our important work like working on the perfect team. Dr Floyd leaving Dr Steven the past could backfire somehow. Things to you. Now. What will you do? Just hush you're blocking my son with all your negativity. We've taken care of Dr Steven fidget for good. Enjoy your free time on Monday, we go back to work on my latest invention. What's that a solar powered microwave minor Smith Senate where he was getting hungry down there in that mine? Dr Floyd and his crew continue their sun-soaked respite. Let's check back in with Dr Steven to are mere moments away from joining Frank Morris on his plan to skate. Well, fidget I think this dummy head you made out of an old sock to ping pong balls pipeline as an effect that looks just like you when the God see it in your bed. They'll think you're sleeping peacefully. However, I don't think that this upside down crook neck squash with a fuzzy banana slug for a union brow. That you've come up with looks anything like me. Well, if you say, so hopefully, the slug will stay still long enough for us to make our escape and speaking of a scape where is Frank. Down here by the air vent. What Frank how did you get back there chiseled away through our Evans the concrete around? It is weakened from the moisture in the air by the bay. We've been working around the clock to choose away. Yours were just about through. Now, you promise if we let you out you'll give us a lift in your ship. Of course. Okay, boys. Let's finish it moments later, they break through the air vent. And Dr Steven frigid are standing in the small utility corridor behind cellblock be with Frank Morris. And it's a compasses. Thank you, gentlemen. Now where to see that fan vent up there. Yes, we go through that across the roof and then down to your ship. Excellent. Well, fidget, and I should probably go up I to leave without us. I don't think so our ship needs a bit of warming up before we can take off and only fidget tonight. I know how to do it if you would like to make sure if I'll get away we'll have to go up. I okay fine. But don't you double cross? We'll come find you. I give you my. I word. Okay. Up you go. Stephen fidget make it through the fan. Bent on our soon looking down at Frank Morris and his friends give us a hand up. I'm afraid you're on your own gentlemen. What? Yes. I thank you for your aid. But now that I'm free. I must do what I've out to do. And that's take care of Dr Floyd for good for good tune as we get up there. We're going to make you pay for this by the time. You get up here. We'll be long gone. But look at the bright side, you still got your raincoat raft. Plan. Just stick to it. And you'll be free. No time for now. Totta come along. Fidget. Let's go to the ship. I need to start planning. My revenge on duck, Lloyd, Dr Steven fidget head off for their time and space ship, which is still hidden on the southwest side of the island where will they go now that they are free. What's sort of plan? We'll talk to Steve come up with to exact revenge on Dr Floyd. And what does Frank Morris plan to do after he escapes from elk address thinking, I may run for mayor of Carmel, California. Find. Out next time on the radio adventures of Dr flowing. Episode number eight oh five the radio adventures of Dr Floyd starred more court as chimps WWW dot more, quirk dot com and j Elvis Weinstein as Frank Morris, WWW dot cinematic, Titanic dot com. Using for this episode by Jody white size, WWW dot Jody Whiteside dot com. Actual Alcatraz sound effects provided by ranger Craig Glasner, WWW dot N P S dot gov slash Alcatraz, episode number eight oh five or the radio adventures of Dr Floyd is copyright two thousand ten grand Shoko and Doug price all rights reserved.

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