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Might have also helped that we were there in September as opposed to the summer, especially when we were in opal. There was a little bit of a dead feeling to it, which we didn't mind. I mean, we weren't really looking for nightlife type stuff. But a number of the hotels looked like they were maybe closing down for the season. That's something probably to be aware of, depending on what time of year you're traveling and you're actually looking for. Well, the other thing is, if I use the term I discovered, I really mean from a U.S. point of view more. So this region was the hotspot before the iron curtain came down. If you wanted to vacation in your behind the iron curtain, the black seacoast was one of the places that you would go. And so it was probably very much hopping at the time, and then lost some of that tourism as people could had other options. Basically, but it has been discovered obviously for, you know, 2000 years ago, but less well-known, probably to this audience. Yeah. And we did hear, especially when we were in a saber, we heard a lot of people speaking Russian. Sure. Yeah. Tourism flows. East to west into that probably. Just a little side comment to that is when we were in the saber, we stopped to hear some music being played at a street cafe one night and it was a Bulgarian singing at all Beatles program. Okay. And there was a table a very loud liver puddling, who are encouraging the singer on and singing along. It seemed entirely out of context in a very funny way. That's funny. Now, you had mentioned a story about a church you visited up in the past when you were in the plovdiv side of the pass. But you were going to tell a part of that later. And I don't remember what you were going to tell later. All right, when we get to plovdiv and talk about day trips from there, we'll talk about that. And we can move on to cloud because that's where we're headed right now. Well, plan tips just amazing. And I think this year, in particular, it was the cultural city for the EU. Okay, European capital of culture. Yes. Yes. And I think that's something important to know that Bulgaria is part of the EU, so there are things certain areas where you see sort of development money coming in. Sure. Which is I think making it more tourist friendly and especially when you're driving, they use consistent road signage. I think with the rest of the EU. So there's some things about that that are helpful. So plovdiv was all spruced up. This is its year..

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