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Battle Bloomberg Radio. All right. Thank you, Viviana, And I'll tell you one business that's doing pretty well. These days. The dry ice business. Yeah. Alright with covert 19 vaccines and all the research and trials to and all the drugs that have to be kept cold, and I had a chance to take a look at what's happening in the industry this winter and check this one out. Tell me it's all my truck. It's a slight blocks they want. They're all myself. Cold. Dry ice is a hot commodity right about now. Get calls at three in the morning just telling me Hey, can you be here at six? We got a huge shipment going out. We need you. Mark seven. R is owner of Acme Dry ice in Cambridge. And he says demand is skyrocketing as covered 19 vaccine research and deliveries. Ramp up. Everything's called it so Everything has to be on time. Everybody's very demanding. We have to be there when they want us to be there. You know, It's a very challenging time to be in the dry ice business, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Dry ice companies around the country say everyone needs the Iceman right about now, including Kelly. Dry ice in Pennsylvania. Lot of pharmacies, calling a couple of different health departments Ohio, West Virginia. Northern Pennsylvania. The Pfizer vaccine needs to be stored and shipped in extremely cold temperatures requiring special cold storage boxes filled with dry ice. Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski is the deputy of supply production and distribution for operation Warp speed. If necessary. We could hold those particular vaccines in the cryo boxes as long as you refilling with dry ice for 30 days and then five days in a normal refrigerator after that, ex governor Andrew Cuomo says The packs from Fizer include a GPS tracker, as well as a thermal monitor inside to keep track of the temperature, so it's either in ultra cold storage. Or it has dry eyes. But then you can only open it twice a day for 60 seconds to 90 seconds. Each time and then after delivery. They take those vaccine doses out of Arctic freezers where they're under lock and key for final assembly at places like Boston Medical Center. Put the saline in the vial. You swirl it around until it dissolves. Acme dry Isis seven or says all this is helping trigger spot shortages. The shortages that you're hearing about are different areas. Where there's not a lot of ethanol being, you know, made so Seo to the byproduct of afternoon. There's a lot of companies are just really not going full force visor in end over tells me the company plans to start producing its own dry ice in Michigan and Wisconsin. I mean, it's covered 19 vaccine shipping needs seven, ER says even if demand melts, a new wave of medical research will come around. You never know what's next in the pipeline daily. I mean, who knows what the next diseases and as seven or puts it? I hope you have a nice day, making me called even out here in California. All right, well, here's something to warm you up a bit. Then. Since the pandemic, most performing arts groups right have been forced to go silent as theaters and music halls close, but some are finding their way back. That's right, and Bloomberg's Janet Wu actually found two orchestras who have not only found their way back. Actually even have a bigger audience. Now the orchestra is an art form with no personal space. Musicians performed shoulder to shoulder to synchronize as one when the pandemic struck. The Boston Symphony Orchestra immediately canceled its season. BSO general manager Mark Balti focuses across the country of obviously lost their ability to have in person audiences and we have.

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