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Has everything he made in a mole. And I watched Foley for for on what shot, I hate animal cruelty. And I descend will the leash ado say what you've been paying for won't. They that to these to these victims lease or than that just to see it. And eventually they can say show on the night. Watch the end Mahmud vegetarian fuss. I said, well, that's sad. But when changing I was kind of surprised, but I said, well, yeah. Okay. Like you've been doing this your whole life. I didn't necessarily expected change straight away. Although I think we should nothing. It's obvious. Why we should? But then went vegetarian the next. I had a Big Mac meal hill lost who are suppose. And then she went vegetarian, dad followed. He started making love making shepherd's pie lasagna and. What's a code on and spaghetti bowl? In is. They just started putting lentils in that instead of maintenance the men said this might work nutritional yeast, which they Saif reflects taste, very cheesy them real yummy, delicious and on. He's like, wow. Really join us. They started eating. He's having soy milk with his way picks yard wakes which already vegan. And he's like this cried actually so United soon light, they went vegan. And I just basically thought that was a good approach. Just to say, look, this is why I've changed I think recycling to benefit foam in look into as well if you I've been to doing it for yourself. Maybe you would watch it just to understand why I have made a different decision. It's nothing personal against out family or against our religion or against the meals that you always made me mom. I know you will always doing what you thought was best at your loving mom, and I'm not I'm not saying that you're not in any way shape of just that. I've changed as I've learned some things that have made me wanna make some changes in my life. And you can either understand that by lending Auckland, all you can accommodate it. But instead of putting cheese on top. Of the spaghetti bowl. In is just laid without the cheese. For example. Maybe you wanted to comb indicted at all up bring my own food or maybe don't even want me around out. Sometimes people get really with and really stream about it. If you're gonna be figuring big in some kind of thing. Now, it's not it's not often. But this is also a possibility that some people just do not accept it because I feel to challenge and deny you make you make the best with whatever situation unfolds. Think that if you come from a place of love and compassion and patience and undestanding when you're explaining this rather than from a place of hostility and frustration and Anga and unite blame and Shane just understand that we've all been born into this aside of this told us, this is natural normal unnecessary and families of the same end Diaa also victims of the propaganda victims of the Brian Washington. So there's no need to judge. You can you can be specific about the actions that you disagree with. But that doesn't mean you have to stop hiding your mom because like that's just not the way assist not the way audience thing. So I think heads come from a place of love explain where you're at. And what how you go the and be patient beloved? I think that's an excellent point. I think that anyone listening if this conversation has stirred up anger new, I think sometimes when people hear about the Innes amend attrition people get defensive, and I think that you know, they you should really ask yourself. Why why are you defensive is it because you probably are hearing this, and it's so upsetting to know that you've been a part of this process for so long. It doesn't need you a bad person. It just makes you someone that didn't know. Absolutely, look, even when you go. Vegan. It's not ova unite this it can be hot being vegan. Sometimes and the hot thing isn't finding recipes or enjoying the food. That's that easy..

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