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When you say that's it, boy, I'm fine. The beach. You're going 90 Miles an hour down a dead end Street. You don't wanna fight no more. You think that you can with all right, folks, welcome back a racer radio. They have 96 1 11 70 the answer. This segment is brought to you by elk out forward. We're nobody. Absolutely. Nobody treats you better than l come forward when you buy a new or used family owned and operated Did you know that about 80%? There used cars or trade ins? Yeah, they don't go to the auction they send to the auction, so you can rest assured that you could get a new or used it alcohol before to get well taken care of, and the service department works on all cars. It's in your garage. How cool. Is that? All right. We got a very special guest in the house. I don't think dirt dude called in. All right, so dirt dudes resting and they David Hunt races at Verona. He's been out there and you're in the pure stock is well is now the sport Compact. Yes. So do you see that sport compact class growing. I think that sport compact class can grow immensely. It's you know, we picked up a car. Race ready for $600. That's amazing. You just what? You're fine. Where did you find it? Spoke market pain You could get into racing for $600 going to Facebook. Do anything in the car. I mean, other than take the windshield out of it. He took the windshield out. Put a door on it and see what about we had to put a seating it well, it wasn't all right. Already been caged. It already been caged. It was orange Show Barbara pull car. It's a barber pole car. Go around Barber poles, You know, it's like, OK, girly. Very. It's a figure eight. Okay, I got you. So we know we picked it up and she got two races in it got hurt, and I've been driving and ever since we have had personal. Do it, too. Yeah, right. Okay. I don't think I want to get hurt again. Yeah, that's like when somebody walks up and slaps you okay? I don't like I want you to do that anymore. Thanks. No, thanks. Some races love it. Yeah, right. You never been hurt. Have you? Um, in the race card? Uh, yes. Steve used to say I had man hands because I When I crashed, I would say I get I think to myself I can save it and I'd hold onto the steering wheel too long, and we get caught in it. So I for the first two seasons, my Right hand was ugly. Yeah, but nothing too. I mean, I've done everything except flip on Daddy. Okay? Said to Angela, you know everything. Nothing was the scariest I thought it would be of crashing the wall. I've gotten air T boned head on. And nothing was as bad as I thought it would be. So I carry that in. Well, I think a lot of I think a lot of that has even if you're in a car wreck on the freeway After the car wreck on the freeway, you go. Whoa! What was that? Because you don't remember. And you don't. Hang on to it if it was in slow motion, and you roll down the side of a mountain for three hours, you to remember that, But I think I think the other part of it, though, is of course, our safety here and then just having the fire crew there. Just in the back of your blank as your security By amazing they're there in your window within seconds. And so I mean, I don't know that's amazing to in the event that I would ever need them. But we have the safety gear and and that's that's that's extremely important. So going back to the compact class. It's all front wheel drive. Cars are eligible or do they all have to be four cylinders, forcing on 33 or four cylinders? I don't think anyone's gonna be taken any three cylinders out there. What about that little turbo Metro Army? That little three cylinder Turbo Metro? Yeah, we'd be lucky to get about two laps, then. Yeah, that doesn't mean it's not worth it would be a hood ornament are a trailer hitch. Yeah, I'd rather you know, Take the Mitsubishi Mirage out there with the three cylinder than a Metro. Yeah, I just thought I'd throw that out there. But immature cells. There's nothing wrong with it. I mean, it's not the first Jim to herself. It's a 95. It's not a big track car. No Matt Barona things a rocket. It is a lot of fun, and if people want to get into racing, they want to get into the cheap. That's gonna be a growing class. I agree. I talk or if you've been racing big cars. And your wallet is finally depleted. But you still have that desire. Like you said 600 bucks. You got the car. And how much money would you say? You spend the weekend just to keep it on the track. What Gas in it doesn't need special tires. No round in rubber right way changed higher sizes for cocoa pod to get different gearing, So it didn't Revlimid her? Yeah, that's about it. And there are the street tires. Yeah, they're street tires. So it's not like you have to go out and spend Hoosiers are or what have you know? I mean, like you, you've got to spend a little bit of money for tires on your car. And how long does your tires last? Will they last the season? I've learned to make them last longer. I learned how to grind in sight and all that sort of stuff. When I was running the news report back, you don't have to do any of the above. None of the above. And the tires for that are cheaper than my peer stock. Especially when I take my peer stock and run it on asphalt that is chewing up my tires, So I didn't go this past weekend, Did you? Yeah, well, you know, the thing of it is, it's easy to haul it Z Z to work on, There's nothing Carbonated. It's feeling Jack, which makes it even easier. I don't have to do anything. That's that's my kind of go up and race. Yeah, Sounds like Angela does all the work. Up woman interpret, that is no. I would interpret that as Noah's well, she likes am able to race again. I'm what's called an arriving Dr Princess. He chose it. And I just driving like the way you roll. I'm just being honest..

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