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At ten thousand six hundred sixty three dollars in asia day investors took the latest north korean missile launch mostly in stride bloomberg's juliette ssali has details from our singapore bureau the msci asiapacific index notched up its first win of the week as japan's nikkei twotofive added half of one percent and chinese shares gauge somewhat of a comeback after early a heavy selling however take players in the region continued to be dumped ten cent weighing on the hang seng index while la d chipmaker hd these sematech dropped in shanghai and disco fell almost six percent in tokyo and and the provocation from the north once again did little to rattle neighbor south korea the cosby closing relatively unchanged in singapore i'm juliette sally bloomberg daybreak asia really at an esa bloomberg business flash now here's michael barr with more on what's going on around the world michael karen north korea launched its most powerful worker the other claiming to jug of intercontinental ballistic missile that some observers believe could reach washing the entire eastern us seabord at a special state media broadcaster with reasserted successfully fired a significantly more powerful nuclearcapable icbm also analysts concur the north had made a jump in capability president trump will head to the st louis area today to push the republican tax plan and sports in the nfl after to under ten straight starts giants quarterback eli manning has been benched joe smith will start against the raiders sunday the giants her two were nine in the nhl the.

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