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Does your dog scratch stinker? Shed like crazy come to Diabate quarter a ninety day supply of dinovite. Dinovite is attrition pickup. Two bottles. A lickochops. Get the third bottle free. New improved Lickochops with omega three omega six vitamin e. And now six extra direct fed microbials even better for the digestive tract and immune system. Try lickochops. By to get one free at dinovite dot com. V? I T E dot com. When you're away at nature. Pop star has the whole you bought fake grass, but that got really gross really fast. And he didn't even like it. You try to potty pads? You even bought real grass better, but not convenient. You don't have time for more walks. So what's good dog owner to do? Get doggie lon-. It's a risk free subscription for real grass delivered straight to your door and replaced on a regular basis. Doggy lawn is convenient eco-friendly and works for dogs of all breeds sizes and ages it works because your dog already knows real grass. Feels great holding. It all day just isn't natural or healthy since you can't be home all day. Why not give your dog a gift? The love. Pick your plan today on doggy lawn dot com. Go to Dougie, long dot com slash OB. Hayes for discount on your first shipment. Hi, everybody. I'm Megan Blake. You're at my sidekick super smiley giant, let Stokes dogs are throw ways. You're listening to pet life radio ads like to tell you about our brand new show. A super smiley adventure. Are so explores inches with animals, they can be traveling out in the world trips or inner journeys animals lead us to inspiration and self-discovery or just plain fun adventures. Join us here on pet life radio on a super smiley adventure. This is headline radio..

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