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And it's the most quote, unquote effective form of e c t, but it's also the one with the most side effects. So for example, in California, they'll only do unilaterally CT unless your case of depression or mania. So severe that you have to do bilateral in Arizona's not like that. They'll just go right for the bilateral and honestly do it out of the back of a truck. Yeah, it was. It was in like a portable next to the hospital, and it just seems so sketchy, but that's sort of the the, the state of desperation that I was in. And you know, honestly, that my parents were in by that point because I, I didn't even mention that they were doing stuff like my dad would have to come up and get me from Phoenix Tucson in the middle of the night because I would suddenly just be I would. I would panic. I would have panic attacks that would last week's and stuff like that. And, and by that point, I is just like. They were always scared of some sort of call for me and any call could've. They could have gotten any call whether or not I was alive or not and stuff. So I. I realized that had gotten that bad, but now I don't remember like the sort of narrative arc of how everything fell apart. And so- Colin would take me and my parents would take me sometimes Deke ACT electric convulsive therapy. And it started out three times a week, and I felt better pretty quickly. And that's one of the benefits of SET's that you know, if you're really, really frigging depress it, it works quickly. It works much faster than an anti depressant which can take six to eight weeks, twelve weeks sometimes. Yeah, I, I remember feeling better pretty soon and. Because of the stigma of tea. I was. If I wasn't ashamed to talk about it, if I, if I felt comfortable talking about any mental illness with somebody, then I, I feel comfortable being sort of an evangelist for SETI. I felt comfortable being like, hey, I know that there's this stereotype that like Frances farmer and well over the Kuka's s does e c t, but this is really helped me in this is something that I feel is a godsend. And then when it started not becoming a godsend, I still called it a godsend anyway and more I want. I want to be clear that I do think that it saved my life, but. It was. I don't even remember when I started noticing that my memory was damage. That make sense. So up front, you got all the benefits of it. You got the meal and then the check though. Yeah, the weirdest part is that I, I, you know, Facebook tells me like, oh, eight years ago today, you said this dumb thing. And I remember a pitcher that came up on my Facebook a few months ago where it had been clear that I'd been getting like ACT for a month or so. And how often three times a week and. By then I knew that my memory must have been really damaged and really just sort of piece together, but I was still very much like proclaiming this be because I didn't want. I'd like you didn't want to believe that it had harmed your mom now, and I want it to believe that it caused any harm if it caused any good because I've been so fed up with taking one medicine and then combining it with another medicine. And then I took a medicine called geo, dawn, and I got serotonin syndrome..

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