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So. One day. I got in big trouble by Stefan. Have followed. You this morning apology and Mike Harney away to school this morning. I saw you throwing orange hills on the ground. I gotta up your acts. I was like orange peels biodegradable. So you can't just throwing things on the ground reflects on the religion reflects on the fan. And definitely. Going to the beach. He was joking at all. He told my mother she had to do it with. So we stood in the living room, my stepfather and one in. My mother at the other. I stood in the middle. Just the blue shirt. Am I underway? My stepfather. Within me. Within the over towards my mother's into the living room. And my mother. We'll be back towards him. My stepfather would be back towards my mother. My mother took a couple more swipes. She couldn't take it anymore. And she ran out of the room in tears. My stepfather. You wouldn't let up. He said this. Is going to teach. And he kept within me. With me. Weapon me. It would be down onto the ground. And he stood over. He said. If you're. Stand up in box. But if you're an animal. Crawl to you? I was crawling to my room overhead.

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