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Gonna hit them with it or is it more as i suspect this evil lucien in the practice itself. 'cause you're working through certain days on your guide is is that you want to perform and entertain your audience but you want to give them a sense of something in new the or discovering yes but hopefully i also want them to. Maybe i don't either have a space to think about something collectively that may be. They've started to but there hasn't been the space four or maybe invite them to start to think about something that they they haven't thought about before or maybe a thought about but not very critically and it doesn't have to be a challenging finger-pointing like why don't you what are you doing about. It could also be Have you ever thought about. And isn't it funny And what do you think it means that way. You know suck. Can you give man on the example of your world where you felt. You really really encompass the alike gap. This is really great show. I'm really pleased with that So i think it feels weird to cite this one because it's probably the piece that people would point to as the least political or at least overtly about Socially engaged issues. But i think in my show. The colts have kenzo which is about my relationship with high fashion. But i think also very much trying to figure out what is the allure of a luxury brand. How do brands use stories to engage with us. What is that built on. And who they do they imagine. And i think it's a lot of it is kind of very much visual spectacle and is quite fine and his quite playful quite frothy. But there's also questions about what it means to be an outsider Both myself as wanting to have these brands. That i can't afford but then also finding kind of kinship with designer brands that i love who himself was an outsider and sort of seeing those two things i guess a little bit in connection and yet a strange kind of opposition in a way. I am uncomfortable being outside the doors. The bond street boutique of a designer who himself felt uncomfortable. Standing outside batiks in paris the sixties this weird cycle of can find his way up the the mountain as word to create something that someone in a way like him now cannot attain now does not feel welcome into and i hope Within the show it all started to raise questions about race and race in spaces Reysen advertising in a way that. I think i haven't really spoken about before But i think there's there's also something about who is being who is being sold at who's being sold to at as much as you think you might be at a remove from it. What are these stories being told around advertising all all the time. That's wonderful and i'm really struck by the slide day about the outsider creating a brand which includes in the narrative because it's part of the fashion brand an inside and an outside and i'm i've got a couple of questions from that because i wrote a book on my discussion points on my list. I wrote earth. This is like so like he really needs to masters in something but props. You need to know what you're talking about. I am i've got fashion and the self open bracket identity closed brackets and i've got fashion and the non-self and that was the thing that i'm quite interested in this idea of when you're an outsider..

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