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Up with ready corporate on news talk seven knu wes all right final segment of the show so sad to let you go but i will be back monday morning filling in for peter boils and we're putting together an excellent show which will include representative dave williams he's been out polling gubernatorial candidates about their position on his sanctuary city bill and apparently walker stapleton has said he will oppose it and as cynthia kaufman i'd not sure if she's given a strong answer on it yet but tom tank radar you familiar with the bill the dave williams proposed in the legislature this last session to not only am i am not only my familiar with it i went down and in testified in favor of uh it's it's a great what is this excuse me what it says is that any public official who supports sanctuary cities who puts them into effect to maintain them can be held liable personally liable for the damage is done to individuals by people who are here illegally have come in contact with the police have not reported to ice and then ca button hurt somebody else so two great ideas and yeah it's tough to get that kind of thing throughput god love him and i'm i'm all for it so it sounds like at least one of your opponents for sure i think he's talked issue that would actively oppose that that's walker stapleton and we'll see where everybody else comes down on that and that that you would support and sign of bill like that if it made it out of the legislature and got on your desk as governor none would i do that if it didn't make it out of the legislature i would work with him well with anyone actually we wanted to get tried to put it on the ballot because i believe that it would pass i believe most people in the state recognizing the idiocy of sanctuary cities as exhibited by denver recently that wants to go it sanctuary city on steroids it actually passed a resolution i mean uh uh uh uh law an ordinance in denver saying that.

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