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Million, ton iceberg that's eleven mega tons. Huge, right yeah and we've got some spectacular. Video Million iceberg looks like it is parked precariously close to this tiny village this is off of western Greenland that's called a calving iceberg grounded. Itself there but there are concerns by some of local residents that's the calving iceberg that just broke off you saw on the video there we'll, do this video I want to show this to you because look at that small way starting to move, up that small little channel okay that's a mini soon NAMI this has been known to happen what we're concerned about here is that this iceberg and a combination of warm, weather and. Heavy rainfall could cause a. Larger piece of an ice to calve off of the iceberg creating. An even larger Sonam ISA residents there along, the coast have actually evacuated there's about. One hundred and seventy inhabitants across that area and well good for good. Reason to look at this iceberg is roughly, the size of a stadium. Or Ken be but that's, just. The. Part that you and I see It's really the look the iceberg above the surface. Remember the majority of the iceberg. Is actually below the ocean surface so about, eighty to ninety percent of it is actually not. Visible to the human is so an ideal. Situation for this iceberg off the. Burg's wanna one but. By the way we can we it's not it's not invisible or whatever to the naked eye you just go underwater. Yeah. You could see it. Ideal. Situation for this iceberg off the. Coast of western Greenland would be for it to get caught up in the what is called the bath in current it would get lost in bath in bath in currents it. Would get lost in Baffin bay and crisis override but if the conditions there caused heavy rainfall and warm melting well this large iceberg which is, again ten to eleven megatons how your life is a little different from mine I mean I'm in Burbank, by kid goes to school tried to pay the bills Mortgage. On, time this entire, villages being threatened by an iceberg that is wild I mean there are a whole village. Might collapse, under this stupid iceberg now yeah you're right, that is grazing that is Rail Tickets a few to. Alaska you know? What I haven't taken..

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