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The only way he knows how to express himself really fucking sad. Not everything has to be great or not. Great. Don't some things can be in the middle. Something's can just be okay if you were to take my life, that would be great. Okay. Here's an Email from Rolf last week. You were talking about games, press trips and how they've changed over the years. In my last job, I wrote about tech and video games for a Dutch newspaper. And in the twelve years I did that. I've been on quite a few extravagant trips. I always pulled this Email because it's like you always heard the European trips were crazier. Yeah. Anything did sounded like just straight damn near scandalous Balkany leeann amongst other trips. I was present at the infamous God of war to event in Athens. Volved get just going to talk about that one that involved a dead goat and had topless body painted ladies serving drinks. And yes, even back then that made me pretty uncomfortable. Still. One of the weirdest ones was a trip to Bucharest 'Romania criterion, black. We were led to a big building in the middle of the city where we were handed some pretty heavy guns. And after he very short lesson in gun safety, we're told to have fun what turned out the guns were loaded with blanks, but it was still. It was still fun to fire five k. forty-sevens and m. sixteens weirdly enough outside the building, you could clearly hear the gunshots, but none of the by even batted an eye. Adam. Gun house. They're at it again. Those kids fund detail of that trip had some Hollywood stuntman there as well to show some moves during the event and hanging out with him in the hotel bar at night was great fun. I learned how to fake kick a guy in the balls convincingly and they did some fun card magic tricks that involve putting the card shows on the ceiling of the hotel lobby. The next morning we'll checking out. I looked up and found the ceiling was covered with playing cards, poor hotel employees on much too short ladder trying to get them off to end this Email with the question, what was the weirdest press trip you've ever been on? Nothing. Nothing like. Either of those. Yeah. That crazy, like the Kabo thing I mentioned last week, but that was basically just sitting at a hotel for three days. Right? To see three games. Yeah, I didn't go to be working reviews like that was your department was to go do all that stuff. I didn't necessarily go on a ton, but. Once we got over here doing a little more. Yeah. Did you roll ones where weird the, you know, like, hey, get on this helicopter. That was, I think it was black ops one that they drove everybody to drove everybody from the airport to another airport, where they had a hanger set up an inside the hangar. They recreated the chair from the title screen of the game. And you just sat there and watched it and they had ladies dressed up as like nurses or whatever it was technicians would come in and out and just move things around near the chair and walk out again. And they had some other ladies that were there standing your some food and the lasers. They brought us in from a service and hanging out and it took forever because they were. They were flying everyone by helicopter to where the vent was from his hangar and that takes time and they didn't want to tell everybody what was going on. So it was just hanging on this hangar with a little bit of food and some women who'd been hired by service who didn't really know anything more than you did. And it was like San around on this. Taking a really long time. This is really and then come to find out like, okay, get on this helicopter and then fly over the the ended up writing a newspaper or like the local. The there was an article in the local newspaper about like helicopters flying over the city, like the forks go out and no, no people thought it was Obama. I guess I one time. Bingo asking. Yeah, as right. Yeah. And. I don't know. So that was like a weird goofy thing. I remember they wanted the rides over to the airplane. So people like envision these things is like he's big grand experiences as like every minute of it's going to be like immersed and look at this chair and like the guy driving the black SUV's to drive everybody from one airport to the other..

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