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Bread. I'd really appreciate your wit. Brenda emails in maybe Nazi. Pelosi didn't want us to know where her appointments were going to be, because we might catch her indoors without a mask again. Not thought of that. That's very clever. Arranges in the car. Your money, Ranger. How are you? Morning, Bruce. I do a lot of confidence waiting. And I guess I could have called the n double A C P on this question, but as far as presenting the way that the Democrats why, for years we've been hearing about unfair hiring practices and it being racial, uh, in their hiring practices. Against people of color. With all the job openings happening right now, Why is the market being flooded with applicants of people of color, taking up the jobs? Well, it's not just people of color, of course, but you're right there because we're compensating them too highly. Now, Of course, this is not something. That the Biden administration will acknowledge. But the fact is that the people who are staying home and not working right now is because they've done the math and the math is unless you're making over $32,000 a year you you do better financially but simply staying home. Well, I would think it's the passion with such strong about that subject that they might bypass that and say, you know, in the long run, I'll take the job because I'm gonna be better off with security. Well, they anticipate getting the job as soon as the unemployment benefits were out there probably look bluntly. We should probably right on this. Probably completely 100% right. That will happen is people will have trouble finding employees until those benefits are sunset. And it seems to me that the extra is supposed to run out sometime this summer. We'll see what happens then. Once that extra 300 a week runs out, we may see a kick up the number of people. It's just going to work. That's what point Yep. We'll see Rachel. Thanks for the call. Appreciate it. Okay. Now, this is classic folks. You know some people. Tell a joke. And some people cannot tell a joke. And Joe Biden took his swing into played a couple of times yesterday, and he pretty clearly false in the second category. Again. This is the president, speaking to the Coast guards at the Coast Guard Academy Graduation. He's talking about the importance of traditions, but you found ways to find ways to keep many of the academy's traditions alive. Maybe even formed a few new ones. You still were able to bring your cars on campus. Just.

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