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He is the replacement for giant cage in that pissed off some mortal kombat fans and i brought up the Youtube bills guy name robert storm. He was someone who is very angry. And he said yeah. This is big betrayal do more comma fans. You don't really understand the property because you don't have my johnny cage in there now for those. Who don't know more comment again. I'm not the biggest the deepest fan of it. I only seen the original movie. The animated films plates couple of the games. So i don't have the best knowledge. But based on what i do know. This is a hollywood actor. Famed hollywood actor absurd. He gets wound up into the mortal kombat tournament thing like oh this is a neat little special movie ghoneim and cool realize realizes halfway in await notices this is real this is not a film special effects and everything honestly though. I'm going to be very controversial myself. Based on what. I know what had played or what i what i watched. I'm not really crazy about the character. Because i feel like that's all he is what i saw. The animated film came out last year. Scorpions revenge which is where they made a rated r. more combat movie johnny cage in that he got on my nerves. 'cause always vowed like hey look at here is that what's this new plague on. What's the script like. He's making a bunch of lake movie references and jokes. Like oh did you get. Did the budget the budget. What's going on here. All i like these effects although he doesn't evictees complained so much. Oh these effects suck. That's all his character is like. I don't really know much of them. Besides what he is not getting more comments. Not the deepest narrada. Like from what i know the like most of the games. They're all cheesy but still does based on what he is. I mean there's so many movie characters like kim. I feel like you would be for someone who would not know anything about moral combat. They would look at johnny cage. John cage was the protagonist of the film. They would compare the so much too. Big trouble china or along that line and kind of thinking about it. I the one thing. I don't really like from what the director said l. Say were. I am on middle ground with mr storms. Here is that he mentioned wanting to make a sequel 'cause when he goes into detail on why john cage is not as film because he's like playing for partout and i'm like await. This movie isn't out yet. You gotta let people see it to see. Make enough money for you to make a sequel by. You're coming in betting on it all right. So i'm guessing this film was going to end in a finger assumed by that common butts when he talks about not wanting johnny cage as protagonists. He said all that would feel very uncomfortable. Because this is a very asian centric world here with a bunch of characters to have a white lead be the main representative everything and honestly. I agree with that completely but i also. I didn't think about this even deeper. We don't seem to take into account. The amount of asian films are supposed to be meant for to star or support asian culture and yet they're led by someone who's not asian and it still happens. Recently i mean the most controversial one is the ghost in the shell film were they had. They had a white woman play when the film eventually reveals the be japanese character. And i look at this on the actor here. Plays cole young. I think this is something we should also note. This actor tried to play iron-fist in net flicks markle show iron-fist and they rejected him. He'd three times in favor for fin jones. Who was horrible..

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