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Sixteen by the way Friday morning September fourteenth saints playing the Browns Sunday hosting the Browns, I should say no unless you're going on the road to take on the Auburn Tigers on Saturday afternoon. Two thirty we're talking we'll have all the action for both games here on WWL for you. Of course as always. But when it comes to Mike, the LSU Tigers, not the Auburn Tigers don't even know if they have one. There is an organization I believe it's based out of California that is getting some petition signed. And they've been through this before we'll get to that. In a second about Mike the tiger being kept as a mascot. Kelsey bourgeois joins us advocacy communications coordinator for care to. How are you Kelsey? Hi there. I'm well. Thanks for having me on a name. Like bourgeois. Would automatically make me think you would have some type of Louisiana connections, but not necessarily true. Actually, I married a boy from east, Texas, so didn't background. Echo. Tell me about what it is that you have beef with partner the choice of words there. What is it that you have a problem with and what is it that you want to see LSU do in these hundred? What is it? No, seventy two thousand people right? That have signed a petition. Yep. Seventy two thousand and climbing. What do they what do they want? You to do what we'd love is not to have a live mascot, Adela LSU. Mike, the tiger is really loved, and it's really cool to see the community, you know, rally around something like that. I actually grew up my my stepfather's and Alessia a lot. I know a little bit about the excitement around the mascot. But it's our it's our belief over here at care to that. And live animals, especially like animals, I shouldn't be held captive and shouldn't shouldn't be live mascots around people all the time like this. So we'd like to see him relief. You got one hundred forty two thousand signatures from you didn't want Mike six replaced right because it's Mike seven now. Exactly. Exactly. And that that doesn't actually was authored by LSU alumnus. Andrea Amar who just didn't want to see another one thought what a great time to do away with this practice. Now LSU is said they do not at all believe in. What does it breeding Tigers in captivity? And they're not the only school with a tiger. Because the university of Memphis has one too. Yep. That's right and AAA we'd love to see any captives tire being used on a college campus not being used on a college campus. So it's LSU's kind of our focus at the moment. Mike just came in. But yeah, in general, I think we don't wanna see any animals being used in this way university of north Alabama in Florence has to lions ralphie. The buffalo leads the university of Colorado team onto the field Baylor University has bears in an on campus zoo exhibit in Waco, and here's the golden eagle eagle at Auburn whom LSU plays this weekend. As a matter of fact, Reveille the Colleen Texas A, that's a obviously a dog horses and a couple of colleges bunch of BULLDOGS representing several different universities, are you against all of those even even the bulldog and the Cali and the bird. You know, I don't know a whole lot about all of those mascots. I do, you know, the ones that are classified as exotic animals animals that normally would not have contact with humans. We'd love to see release just being around that many people is very stressful for an animal, so regardless of the enclosure size and how it's cared for which I'm sure Mike cared corporately. Well, but that's a stressful unnatural environment for those types of animals. So I I can't comment on all the all those mascots. Definitely the Tigers the bears the lions that sort of thing. It just doesn't make sense to use them in that way and trot them out in front of big crowds. Like that. It's it's it's unfair. The what the? It doesn't make sense to try the know before that you said the Tigers. Yeah. The tigers. Yeah. And what were the other two? I think. I think I said lions and bears. That is wanted to get that. So what was what was the Genesis for this? How would made you get involved with this specifically Mike the tiger at LSU? And do you think you really can do anything with this situation before we run out of time release him wear because this tiger was Bredon captivity? And you can't have him running around Baton Rouge. So what would you and I don't think he'd fare very well in a jungle so we'll it be the plan here. Yeah. So the ideal situation would be to release Mike to a sanctuary. There are all kinds of sanctuary where animals like this can go who were bred in captivity. So that's true. They're not suitable to be released out into the jungle, obviously, they should not be released in Louisiana. So yeah, the idea would be to send Mike to a sanctuary. What got us interested in this is that care to in general? It's always advocating for animal rights, particularly animals that are. More exotic that are threatened that were using these ways that's not really fair to them. So it's sort of a care to goal in general. And I do think we can do something. I think, you know, things like this kind of coverage just might alert people to the fact that this is great. And it's okay to be excited about Mike the tiger. And I get that people are really loved this mascot. But I think I just want people to think a little more about the animal, and what this animal really is going through. And is that really fair press to do to that? What has been LSU's reaction to this response? So far, we haven't heard anything officially so we'll, you know, we'll see if we hear anything back specifically after some of this press coverage, but I think LSU in general, I know they have a lot of pride in the way that they're reading Harry school takes care of Mike. And again, I'm not arguing that just that this tiger shouldn't be there in general, even if he is cared for very, well, Kelsey, I appreciate your time. And I I don't necessarily agree with you. But you've been a delightful lady to talk to. And maybe we'll talk again. All right. My pleasure. You have a good day. Thank you. Kelsey bourgeois advocacy communications coordinator for care to. So do you think Michael Tigar is suffering being held in his enclosure? It would seem like that's the safest place in the world for him. And I guess the bottom line is do you think he's unhappy eight twenty three traffic now, wwl?.

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