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So if you remember back in september president trump ended president obama's daca program even dreamers in limbo with the threat of eventual deportation and he gave congress six months to pass a bill six months to fix things the dreamers the deadline was march fifth cox thirty ticking that's along jeff flake has to get this done and let's just jump right in with act one act one the bluff and we're going to start at the first place jeff flake and try to exercise his leverage and his newfound bulletproof superpower and that is december is late december when congress is all about trying to pass their tax cuts you may remember this they wanted to give the president a big victory before the end of the year they wanted to prove that a republican house and senate white house could work together to actually get things done the date is december nineteenth zoe chase takes them here we zoom in on fleet senate office in the russell building because the republicans are so desperate for a win and because majority leader mitch mcconnell needs every vote he can get no democrats will vote for the tax cuts this moment that he was counting on it's an opportunity to use the leverage he has to move daca ahead he and chuck schumer the democratic leader cook up a plan he proposes a trade to mitch mcconnell my vote for the tax bill in exchange for a promise to get a doctor bill on the floor by the end of january now they're just about to hear the last holdout on this tax bill are you are you in decided on how you're going to vote on that if you're negotiating for for something outside of the bill you never indicate where you'll be for certain never say what you going to do this is a bluff sleek loves the tax bill he loves tax cuts he knows he's going to vote for the bill even if he doesn't get what he wants mentally tells me that it doesn't tell anybody else hop onto the senate subway in another reporter tries to get it out of them made up your mind there's still working dockage the funny thing is the tax.

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