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Three o'clock AM several Castro life in the W. S. B. twenty four hour news center police in London cut short a terror related stabbing attack London officer shot and killed the suspect but not before three people were hurt in the attack this from a witness like a shower enabled models one guy laying on the floor around in London policing the stabbing suspect wore a fake explosive device during the attack it's believe the suspect is tied to Islamic extremism right now sixty six degrees can you believe it great to feel out there let is most accurate and dependable forecast is coming up Peachtree city police say there is no threat to the public this after church member found a rifle hidden under a jacket inside a chapel sergeant Chris hi it says the owner was found he says a mentally ill person who lives with the owner didn't feel comfortable with the weapon in the home and decided to drop it off at the church where she thought it would be safe investigators will at the conclusion of the investigation they were confident that the individual had no intention of committing any impending violent activity there was no threatening nature involved or intention behind the surgeon height since police encourage citizens to remain aware of their surroundings and report anything suspicious again no cause for concern here extra security officer so today at area churches top local news every thirty minutes and when it breaks ninety five point five W. SB depend on it temporary US travel restrictions go into effect in two hours to combat the spread of coronavirus beginning at five o'clock for nationals who visited China in the past two weeks will be denied entry into the US restrictions also apply to your citizens who have been in China's Hubei province recently the US has eight confirmed cases of the virus the first coronavirus death outside China has been reported in the Philippines New York City officials say next weekend's lunar new year parade in Chinatown will go on as planned New York state senator John Lou says taking common sense precautions will keep parade goers safe health precautions should be undertaken black with every winter.

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