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Folks gives me opportunities to have. More conversations with folks about the direction that they want to, see our country going the provisional ballots will, be verified and counted, ten days after the election according to state law meanwhile routine audit of. The election results in Franklin. County today gained a net of, one hundred ninety votes for O'Connor father, of a missing boy Georgia who was found living at a compound in, New, Mexico, with eleven. Hungary filthy children is now accused of trying to train children to carry out school shootings he made a court appearance, today our hush in court. Sera Hodge. Said very little his. Appearance was brief prosecutors argue in court documents that he should not be released on bail because they claim he was at the New Mexico compound training children to commit school shootings prosecutor Tres don't explain more but they say. He would be a threat to the community if released, we'll hash his son. Went missing child's body was found on the compound it's suspected that's, his son's body, Alex stone ABC days the Ohio supreme court has, ruled e. cod is on the hook for paying back millions. Of, dollars to the state over its fudged attendance numbers Bank in February and attorney for the now defunct online charter school argued state law makes no mention. Of students participating in class work in order to get state money in a traditional school there, is, no measurement of duration whatsoever funding is premised solely upon enrollment it doesn't matter whether the student goes to school, doesn't matter with a student, is sick delinquent engage whatsoever there is no consequence to brick and mortar school. Today's four to two vote leaves Ekata on the hook to pay the state Bank. About eighty million dollars a school. Shut down in January. As a result a Columbus. Police officer accused of. Paying for sex while on duty is out of a job the city's director of public safety agree with police chiefs recommendation of fire officer Randall Mayhew three women accused Mayhew paying them for sex while he was in uniform and on-duty an internal affairs investigation ended with Mayhew being charged criminally drop Mayhew pleaded guilty, to dereliction of duty radio six ten WTVN sports or. The buckeyes with other training camp workout were three weeks and three days from the season opener Browns and Bengals continue camping Cleveland the fallout. After rookie Antonio Calloway was signed over. The weekend for marijuana possession Hugh. Jackson on the situation in twenty minutes baseball the unions hosts Minnesota tonight clippers are in, Durham, from the. Central Ohio Honda dealers sports desk Matt McCoy News. Radio six ten WTVN I'm Scott Jennings stay connected to Columbus on the hour at the half fantas newsbreaks ABC six first twenty weather showers. And storms patchy. Fog tonight the low sixty six partly cloudy with some morning fog tomorrow chance of showers in. The evening tomorrow's high eighty five right now it's cloudy, and Eighty-three hey.

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