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9 28. Over to Rita Kessler now in the WTO traffic center. Well, right now, if you're on two 70, looks like we have a new problem southbound after middlebrook road. This is a mobile street sweeping crew in the left lane, headed to Montgomery village avenue. That's going to be the reason for the delay that you're seeing before, father Hurley boulevard headed past the scene. After that, it looks good headed to the lane divide onto either loop of the beltway on the beltway, the outer loop at saint Barnabas road. Now it's just the far left lane that gets by the debris spill and the ongoing cleanup they have coned off the rest of the roadway single file left will get you by your outer loop delays begin on the Woodrow Wilson bridge. Trying to head past the scene. Inner loop, the ramp to eastbound two 36 little river turnpike had been blocked with the police activity. Keep an eye out in case that is still the case now the delay has he said that may have opened up. You'll also find the inner loop ramp to westbound 66, the new flyover ramp there, that has opened, but it is the ramp now before the eastbound exit. This has been causing some confusion this morning. If you take that first ramp to 66 from the inner loop, you will be headed westbound. In the district, thanks to callers for letting us know there is now someone directing traffic at the suitland Parkway in first Sterling. So they are working on the lights and the crew is directing traffic around the scene expect the delay approaching southbound D.C. two 95 have even burrows past these capital street. The eastbound freeway delays begin on northbound three 95 across the 14th in the case, headed all the way in to the northbound third street tunnel. In Virginia, eastbound 50 in south riding near stone springs boulevard a single lane gets by the wreck, eastbound two 36 little river turnpike near Guinea road, the crash was along the right side of the roadway, and east found 66 is still slow approaching and passing two 34 business due to the earlier wreck. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO traffic. Check bell has our forecast. At our first 90° day in two weeks yesterday, we're very likely to get our second one today and our third one tomorrow. Hot weather

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