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To Chicago's afternoon news on 7 20. W G. N I'm Steve Berg. Trend heart. This is the time of the day when we say hello to Ashley Cats from news nation to talk about what's coming up on the big broadcast tonight at seven. Ashley welcome. How are you, Steve? I'm well, Thanks. So, Mary in traffic. You there? Yes. So we've been going over. Actually, you're new to Chicago, but Chicago magazine has a list of the top 50. Chicago events Historic events in the past 50 years. So 50 for 50 Think. Okay, Um, Kevin earlier got that The top sports story was Michael Jordans. Draft took him a couple guesses, but that's okay. It was pretty. I think that's pretty good. Mary. There's one traffic story in the top 50. And it's number 43. So I want you to think about this. I'll give you three points. If after the six o'clock news you could tell me what the four don't look it up. Don't look it up. In the past. What 50 years last 50 years? One story is the one traffic story that it made it in at number 43. Okay, right. I've been doing this about 25 years, so I'll be half there. I think you might be covered. Oh, it's might be closer. I just give you big. I think I know I'm gonna tell you off there. Okay? Thanks. CAF. Help because I helped you with the last one. Did he She? I don't know. The Cubs won before, but it really wasn't true. I guess. No, The Cubs were wrong. Actually, This is just the family fighting. I'm sorry. You have to be a witness to this. Um okay. So let's get serious for a second, because you guys have a big story tonight on human trafficking coming up Correct. That's right tonight. We're talking with the experts and also looking at some of the bigger headlines. We've all seen human trafficking in the headlines and Now they're saying that some of these conspiracy theories that are out there floating in the Internet in the celebrities that have been allegedly related to those conspiracy theories are actually hurting. People who who do need help and who are currently being trafficked. They're not wanting to call in to those hot lines because so much misinformation is out there. So we're looking into that and what we can do to make sure the people who need help are really able to get it. I'm sorry. I'm a little slow. But are you talking about like pizza gate and things like that? No que and on one of them one of the groups out there that has been circulating information, you know, even in the spring, Oprah Winfrey came out and said, You know, she's in no way tied. Um, to any type of, you know, child human trafficking ring out there. So you know, we're gonna need from names like that. We have so much information at our disposal more than ever. And we're I think less informed than ever are willing to believe it's just so destroyed. It's unfortunate it is especially when you have something so emotional that people You know they want to help. But there have no connection to some of these, You know stories out there, but yet they're calling in. That's what the experts are saying and sharing misinformation, and that's really bringing down their efforts to try to stop human trafficking. It's big issue. It's a much bigger issue. I think that a lot of people realized so we look for that tonight on news nation. The story in human trafficking. Let's switch gears completely. The queen and her family usually go to Sandringham for Christmas. There, castle. There are palace but they're not this year, right? Not this year. Tradition kind of going out the window. They've been at that estate since the 19 eighties. But this year, it will be just a quiet Christmas and even New Year's normally these are big celebrations for the royal family, and they We'll be staying home. Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip will just spend the day at Windsor Castle. They may be seen some family members briefly. Of course they'll be following. They say the guidelines to make sure they're safe. But An interesting point of all this in the U. K right now, they're actually relaxing some of those restrictions for the festive season to allow people to go see friends and family. Interesting. They're letting families form these Christmas bubbles. Three households can socialize for certain days. We'll see how that goes Well, and so, yeah, I think they would go to I think, is it in Sandringham? Where they have? They showed them walking down the lane and going in the church for all the big holidays? Yes. Big tourist attraction. They won't be doing that this year. You know, the thing is being the Royal watcher that I am Prince Philip is probably in pretty ill health, right? You know, I'm sitting here looking at a photo of him. And this is from the wedding Prince Harry and Meghan. And yeah, you wouldn't you would. You withdrew from official duties? I think it's been three years now. You don't see him anymore. You're right about that, Okay? Well, I hope he's wishing the best. Well, um He's been a rascal, You watch the crown. I have heard a lot about the crown and people are just yelling at their TV screens right now. I realize I've got to go here. But Lady Gaga is going to be an Oreo. Yeah, You know, Oreos aren't just cookies anymore. They have meaning behind them, Steve. And now there is one that is Lady Gaga theme. It's pink with green cream filling. Why me? Why is this celebrate her new album called Chromatic to? It's dropping soon. It's dropping soon. Okay, we'll we'll celebrate with Oreos. Sounds great. We'll have a great night. Tonight We'll be watching you listening to Chicago's afternoon news, marries, watching the weather and the traffic and trying to figure out the question. I think I got it. 44 degrees tonight cloudy low 25 tomorrow, Sonny. Hi 47 degrees this car fire on I 80 eastbound. It's just east of 3 55. It is off to the side. But it's causing some huge backups Westbound and eastbound and also westbound on 80 94 slow into a Calumet Avenue because of an earlier accident there the Edens, Okay? Up on Kennedy to O'Hare, 30 32 heading inbound 24 from the Edens 35 on the Eisenhower both directions between 3 90 downtown with an accident reported outbound at Austin Stevenson is about 30 minutes now to the tri state and slow out to 3 55. With an accident off to the side there. Dan Ryan's okay along with the rest of the tolls in Glendale Heights, an accident Army Trail east of Bloomingdale, Amara Vandevelde from that traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly..

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