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Mean. that's a core of mean team that you don't want to mess with how about mean joe greene. If you're going to be mean. Oh lebron james on this day. Eleven years ago lebron told a national television audience on something all the decision that he was taking his talents to south beach to join. Dwayne wade and chris bosh and give pat riley a super team. You may remember that. A few days later for bron- weighed in bars set and big chairs on a makeshift stage. Blue-sky about how many nba championships. They would win in miami. The famously said not two not three not four. I think lebron might have gotten all the way to six or seven before he started lap. The correct turned out to be to two championships. They got the four straight finals. And they won twice or one fewer than steph curry klay thompson. Draymond green one in golden state. We'll warn you part of that. Tv show the decision yet on some years ago in about fifteen eighteen pounds and it was a lot of steaks consumed from one. Twelve the broad. Chris bosh and d- way thank you for that though. Great that you're plugging crime one. Twelve and you plug phd at g before you so happy. Trails star game big seller for jacob. Degrom the best pitcher in baseball will skip next week's game where he would likely have been the starting pitcher for the national league to spend time with his family and rest for the second half of the season. Yesterday graham went seven innings against the brewers allowed to solo homers struck out ten to become the second-fastest pitcher ever to reach fifteen hundred career strikeouts to has a one eight. Era second-lowest the are at the all star break to bob gibson's one. Oh six in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight. Jose altuve van carlos correa also said they will skip the all star game..

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