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Smart, cash dot CC. That's smart cash dot CC as we continue here. Brian is on the line in South Carolina. He is a scoutmaster. He's somebody with the boys. What was formerly known as the boy scouts of America. They've now rebranded as scouts BSA. And you said a year ago was when these big announcements were made that they were going to start accepting girls. They immediately started within the cub scouts, and you say that coming up this month. I think you said that they're gonna start letting girls into the boy scouts organization is that right? One February first. But you said you were pretty riled up about it in the beginning. And now, how do you feel? Well rounded up in the beginning because you know, as an eagle scout. You're now they're going to allow girls to earn merit badges and attained the rank of eagle scout, wait a minute. That's the thing. You know, it always has been always should be. Well, you know time to really sit down back about it. And really put a positive spin on it. You know, in my mind scouting, whether it's boy scouts or girl. Scouts has the best program and down in America for growing young American citizens. So whether it's scouts BSA with boys and girls or used to be boy scouts or still is bureau. Scouts who cares? It's still a great program for growing Young America. Here's a relevant question though. The eagle scout from what I understand. I when I was growing up as a teenager, a friend of mine became an eagle scout. And it was a big deal. You know, this is not a big, right? It's not an easy thing to get like, you just learn to tie a few knots, and you get this thing there's a lot of time and effort that they have to go in and put it in, you know, growth that goes into this in a very tough time in life to when you have to, you know, the the young people that can show the resolve to become an eagle scout are very unique. Because so many young people that time are busy thinking about all kinds of now any anybody that can accomplish this should absolutely be applauded, and it's an amazing feat. My guess my question is do you know of any plan? To make it. So that, you know, the requirements are different or will it be the same requirements for a girl eagle scout versus a male or boy eagle scout it it'll be the same requirements, and there is there's no reason to make any different requirements. Swimming, merit badge earn swimming mayor badge or hiking merit badge or cycling, one of the three is a fitness requirement and the swimming requirements for male or no different than twenty requirements for female good. I think that's the that's that's the way it ought to be let let girls in make sure that the bar is the same for everybody. And and let them accomplish things. I think that's amazing. Of course, some of the issues are gonna come up. I'm sure are tensions between males females especially in the teenage years. I know that when I was briefly in the boy scouts. I personally couldn't stand. The I don't like being told what to do. So I like being boy scouts. But but I know that there was a teenage girl in that room. It probably would have changed how the the boys in there were behaving dynamic. Yeah. Perfume and curfews. Perfume in car. Are you worried about that? As far as you know, the first time girl comes into the boy scouts meeting is going to change things. Do you think? Well, and currently scout troop have the option to go co Ed or stay all boy more start a new troop that all girl. Oh, so it may not necessarily be co at even though the organization welcomes girls, they may have a separate girls group, if especially if there's, you know difficulties that would probably happening. We could have a boy scout troop and a girl scout troop that when we come together for a larger district or council activity, they would interact, but as far as their weekly meetings, the potential still be separated is there. Okay. Good. Any idea what the uniforms are gonna look like fruity uniform going to stay basically, the same because of female adult leaders, right? There's not a whole lot of change. That's going to generate young just smaller. For for the young girls. You know, more active Typos score. Skirt short type thing. Probably I want to say thanks for calling about this tonight. Because it's interesting hearing how you've kind of evolved on the topic over the last year, and that's given it consideration. Given a time. You're you're embracing the change, and it sounds like it's being handled in a reasonable manner. Where local troops can opt into split off as noncolored or go co Ed and experiment with that. And and just see what works. So that seems to make sense. I thank you for the call tonight and feel free to call back with you know, the results coming up in February, and let us know how it's going. I support BSA's right to do whatever they want as far as the other private organizations private organization. They should be able to have in the fact is we're not the they've been dropping off in popularity over the years. So this is a way to stay relevant shirt. There's more coming up here..

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