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COVID-19 case These 10 million additional tests available each month will allow schools to double the volume of testing they were performing in November Nearly 5400 schools reported disruptions to in class learning last week Midweek this week that number is already over 3000 And CBS correspondent Skyler Henry The White House is also announced it has appointed epidemiologist doctor Tom ingelsby to serve as the new COVID testing coordinator Meantime the CDC is not changing its guidance on face masks After all but it is giving out some more details on how they match up The CDC will instead provide more information on various masks We will provide information on improved filtration that occurs with other masks such as N95s and information that the public needs about how to make a choice of which mask is the right one for them CDC director doctor Rochelle Walensky The best math that you wear is the one that you will wear And the one you can keep on all day long that you can tolerate in public indoor settings and tolerate where you need to wear it Balinsky also said oh Macron cases are expected to peak in the coming weeks Correspondent cammy McCormick more than two decades ago a local nun was told to stop ministering to gay Catholics The Vatican had said what she was doing was wrong Well fast forward to today and she's trading letters with Pope Francis who's thanking her for decades of service Sister jeanine Graham helps run new ways ministry out of Mount Rainier a group that advocates for equality for LGBTQ Catholics And one that U.S. bishops have argued should not be considered a Catholic organization But following some of the Pope's more accepting comments about homosexuality her group sent him a letter asking for affirmation of their work He wrote back And there's been a series of letters The most recent letter from the Pope thanked her repeatedly for 50 years of compassion administering to a group often shunned by the church The church is all of the people of God And we need to hear from all of the people No one is excluded Sister jeanine says if you read the gospel of Jesus Jesus welcomed everyone John deerman WTP news Up next in money news Inflation skewed online holiday sales on Jeff label 6 54 Finding great candidates to hire can be like well trying to find a needle in a haystack but not with zip recruiter It's powerful technology actively finds and invites qualified candidates to apply to your job So while other companies might deliver a lot of hay zip recruiter finds you the needle in the haystack See why four out of 5 employers who post the job on.

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