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Is important the second thing to your question is really when we look at how we look at outbound versus inbound if we're building something like a content marketing platform you know call it a thought leadership program or a webinar program or a resource center or whatever it is we actually create ultimately if we're building that as a valuable piece of our business strategy it to deserves to be promoted and marketed and sold in other words are sales guys should be promoting the blog our we should have a small marketing budget to advertise for people to come visit the blog it should be part of an outbound marketing and sales effort to promote not just our products and services but our position in thought leadership and content and ideas that we're putting into the marketplace and so yeah i absolutely believe that outbound and inbound still have a a a huge place to play in in what we're doing you know as a business and what does the journey you take a client through you know give give give me an idea of what that engagement looks like sure basically there are there there ends up typically being too one is where i will literally go in with a with a client and just sit for a day and you know or two days or three days depending on the client and i just act as a part of their team right they're trying to figure out some thorny problem as pertains to content marketing content strategy digital marketing and i just sit as a as a member of their team.

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