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The National Broadcasting Company was founded. It was during the same period that an era of Jazz Mahjong and the Lucky Lindy Blurry you'll step into the world of the roaring twenties every Wednesday evening. If toon wound for Pete Kelly's blues on this station Kelly's blues about the big music and the big trouble and the big roar of the twenty s Pete Kelly's Blues Wednesdays Philip galls known the underworld as the whisper as set in motion the syndicates plan to kill Thomas Farrell newspaper favor reporter who's been uncovering some of the syndicate's activities then in his real identity is Philip gold counselor at law and Eleanor US keep Barrow from going to the club seventeen but farrow became suspicious and headed for the club where a killer whites boring breath ellen follow and bills car hoping they will reach the gambling club in time to prevent his debt. I'll have to get this motor check. I can't seem to get any speed out of it at all doing now. Apparel headquarters and John Week could get there too late. You've been the owner of clubs. This seventeen had himself rouses this evening. That's what I mean. Evidently knows about the setup for Tommy Farrell and he wanted to make sure jury wasn't around when it happened perfect alibi forum would have been if he was in jail. I pointed out to allow logical that was he was in jail of his own choosing showed complicity with what was going to happen. They still wouldn't leave. I had to do it through the now. I wish I knew the club seventeen.

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