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Going on it's time to wake that **** up on my hands all I can ever get me up man years we got a wake her up I don't know if she ever she's when you wake up the nose up is about to go down you're ready for all the smoke thank you Jeeves regulars yeah how if you can and and and friends more are you up for you sorry I know it's early you know you superstar you you never know right hello that was my idea Becky I'm sorry go ahead I'll be good either way morning whiny right it was amazing it is that we do thank you derail vowing to fix NYC and once we've every morning only so our one oh six one issue how can a man yeah I just on my own I go out alone good day everyone yes the soon the first thanks a lot that Bobby wind down I don't know I don't want to go into so you are positive you got to the Madison the funny thing about I'm going to make money you can't got to grow up to do I got a lot of that it's something I don't like are you you see me with that because I'm going to send the father he did put it out in the streets of back in a minute yeah I just I go I won't have you won't soon yeah yeah I just I go out good day everyone yes the someone the other one as well that's the one the group we just if you like a music leave a message on the phone that is confusing the values the brand yeah lows that's going to take a break to the chief minister put up on the screen back in a minute yeah I just on my own I go out if you want yes the yeah thank I go I won't yes the soon good morning.

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